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5/1/2016 11:26 PM

Hello everybody! I've been a Vital Lurker for a few years now and have been around motocross my whole life and raced a lot when I was a kid. I started a Motocross/Motocross Gaming YouTube channel a few months ago and figured I would post it here for anyone interested. I play pretty much all motocross games including the old PS1 and PS2 classics and thought some of you would enjoy the videos. I also post GoPro videos when I get to ride, which isn't often since I'm a college student. Anyways, let me know what you think about my youtube channel and anything that you think I can do to improve. I'm also always looking for cool real motocross or motocross gaming youtube videos or channels so let me know what your favorite are. Thanks everybody and I look forward to talking some moto with y'all!
My YouTube channel if interested: