RaxerX exhaust podcast this week is worth a listen

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3/1/2019 7:16 AM

It details the rise of the current state of American Flat Track with a pretty interesting Brit.

Also the newest vitalmx podcast with Forrest Butler is worth a listen.


3/1/2019 12:20 PM

110% agree... That guy from Triumph had some amazing stories, and also some very interesting / refreshing takes strategic business decisions. I listened last night in the garage while installing a new ignition on one of my vintage bikes, but that interview was good enough that I plan to listen again to pick up on the bits I may of missed

The Forrest Butler interview is great too... Ashamed to say I didn't really understand or know the true roots of Butler Bros; but damn, pretty incredible how self made that program is! Goes to show that with enough commitment, passion and work ethic - not everybody needs to be a multi-millionaire like Mike Genova to eventually own and fund a factory supported level race team.