Racing 2022 Outdoor Pro Nationals on YZ250 2 Stroke - Budds Creek Update

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7/4/2022 6:02 PM

Nice riding Matt!! Charging the whole way. Badass effort. Thanks for posting and give er hell at Millville.


7/5/2022 4:24 PM

Nice video!


7/5/2022 5:15 PM

Good job putting it in the top 40 man. Keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the way.


7/5/2022 8:33 PM

I like your honesty and humbleness.


7/5/2022 11:08 PM

Great job Matt ! Stoked your going to get some help from Race Tech, hopefully your support starts snowballing. Thanks for the reports and videos. I've been a YZ250 fan for years and am enjoying the shit out of your story, It wasn't much but I kicked in a couple bucks for some pre-mix grin Pin it to win it ! Braaap !!!


7/20/2022 1:25 PM


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

7/20/2022 9:30 PM

-MAVERICK- wrote: Photo

Great picture!


7/28/2022 11:26 AM

Hey everyone, been a crazy couple of weeks on the road with no computer so I figured an update from the last 2 races would be better late than never. The weekend between Red Bud and Millville I skipped Southwick to do a money race to try to make some coin and ended up blowing my bike up while on my way to a 1-1 in the 250 pro class with a nice purse and contingency on the line. Needed new everything from top to bottom and had to leave for Millville by mid week. Was able to get the bottom end done before I headed out, and on the way to Millville I stopped in Indiana at JMS to grab a head and cylinder James did for me, really appreciate him fitting me in on such short notice. Arrived to Millville Friday afternoon on very little sleep with a partially assembled bike and met up with Chris Reisenberg from RaceTech along with his crew from the Midwest. Chris had arranged some help with getting the bike together when I got to the track and I had a couple people working on getting the bike together as I went and got tires, went through tech, etc. Very very thankful for all of their help! One of them had literally just gotten off the track from his moto and got undressed immediately to help get the bike together. Went to test the bike at Meadow Valley and it was not running right at all, come to find out the power valve was sticking so we had to go back to Millville to figure that out. At about 8:30 PM Friday night before Millville we finally had it together and did one last test at Meadow Valley just as it was getting dark and all was good, we were ready to go. Another night of not much sleep and not much dinner the night before but I was ready to give it hell.

First practice was solid with a P27, and myself and the people I was with were thinking the track would get slower so I kind of thought I would be good with the first session time. I still tried to put a lap in the second session but didn't quite cut it and everyone got faster and I qualified one position out in 37th. Definitely learned to always send it as hard as I can every practice no matter what because you never know which will be faster. Had the odds against me in the LCQ with a full gate of 450s and a 4 lap moto but somehow managed to pull a pretty good start and made my way up to 3rd and was about to actually pull it off, I kind of couldn't believe it. Last lap in 3rd with about 6 turns to go my bike suddenly shut off and that was all she wrote for Millville. My carb ended up falling off the boot, all the clamps were tight but I'm guessing in our late night struggle it just may not have been put on quite all the way. Nobody to blame as we were just in a shitty situation but was a huge bummer to not be able to race an awesome track and I also felt really really bad for the crew that was helping me. They were bummed on the bike issue thinking they failed me but I felt it was more on me than anything for having to show up to the race so late Friday with a half-assembled bike, and then not riding good enough in practice and being 37th was 100% on me. Lessons learned but was a weekend to forget.

Made the solo road trip from Millville to Washougal to hit a track I never thought I'd have the chance to race, and figured this would be the year for me to try it out. Went to PIR on Thursday and that was another night to forget as I just couldn't figure out the whoops, but I was trying to remember I was there for Washougal and didn't want to do anything stupid to end my trip early. Saturday morning at Washougal the track was unbelievable, probably my favorite session of the year. Track wasn't too deep or wet and the layout was a blast. First practice was 27th and second practice was 28th, overall put me 31st which isn't great but happy to have learned my lesson from Millville and put in two decent sessions. The motos at Washougal were another struggle for me, ran in the 20's for a little over half the first moto and then the wheels just came off, have been struggling badly to find a flow on the rough tracks. 2nd moto ended up getting to line up next to Dungey. Told him he was a legend for the comeback and he gave me some props for ripping the 2 stroke, was definitely a cool moment! Ended up going 32-33 which is definitely not what I'm looking for but trying to keep everything in perspective and enjoy the experience because I'm obviously not in this to try to get a factory ride or anything like that so I just need to enjoy it!

Overall so far I've been happy that I've been able to qualify with the exception of the Millville heartbreaker but my riding in the motos has been absolutely terrible, some of my worst of all time. Coming from only doing local racing for about the last 8 years, the gnarly tracks have really overwhelmed me and I have not been riding even close to my potential. If my potential is 30th then I am honestly fine with that, I just know I have a ton left in the tank and would like to show it! I actually feel like I've been in a bit of a slump riding wise, even qualifying I haven't felt like I have been riding to my potential. I feel really confident in my one lap speed and I really believe If I ride like I can I should be qualifying closer to 20th instead of 30th and back. Looking forward to finally getting some practice in over the break, I have only been able to practice one time since High Point so I'm sure that isn't helping at all either. Regardless, It has been awesome hearing all the cheers around the tracks at all these races and I really appreciate all the support everyone has shown! I am making some changes in my program for the last 3 races and am very hopeful they will help me turn it around, because right now you could bet your house on me finishing 30th-40th in my motos and I'm tired of it! Thank you everyone for following along, hopefully you are enjoying the privateer 2 stroke perspective even though it is not going all that great!

Also thank you to my girlfriend for flying to Washougal to attend and help me drive home, thank you to Peters Auto Mall for helping me with a truck to get me to Millville and Washougal, thank you to Maynard Racing Performance Race Tech Suspension for providing me a great suspension setup (it's all on me now!), and a huge huge thank you to my title sponsor HBI Auto and Dean Hushon Insulation for stepping up huge for me and helping me make this all happen, I couldn't appreciate it more!! Very thankful for all the people helping me make it happen definitely could not do this without everyones support.


7/28/2022 11:52 AM

do you feel tired/exhausted from all the driving? i admire your energy levels!!


7/28/2022 12:20 PM

Great reading!

Great story developing, rooting for you!

Best of luck on the remaining races


Rather be a racer for a time than a spectator for a lifetime..

7/28/2022 12:33 PM

Oh hell yeah great job and spirit out there on the circuit! keep it pinned and have fun


7/28/2022 5:35 PM

What was the root cause of the YZ250 engine blowing up? Bad crank?


7/28/2022 6:43 PM

Folks like Matt are the real heroes of this sport. Scraping by everything from one race to the next....

I know you said you feel like you're in a slump.... sounds like a little rest and eating good would help that out. ...but I know its rough (and easy to say) with all you have on your plate.

Keep up the grind man!


I may not be an insider but I have loved this sport since the 70's. 2-smokers forever!

7/29/2022 9:47 PM

Legend. Getting to line up next to Dunge!


8/18/2022 10:23 AM

Hey everyone, here with a quick update on the 2 stroke tour from Unadilla! Managed to qualify straight into the motos my first time at Unadilla so I was super stoked with that, especially with the amount of great riders that had to race the LCQ. Timing and scoring was all jacked up for second practice so spent a long time at the mx sports trailer waiting to make sure I was in along with a lot of other riders, pretty stressful for all involved and I feel for the guys that were in the LCQ as I heard it was a bit of a mess. Moto results weren't great again with a 34-36 but the field just keeps on getting harder and 2nd moto I had a first lap fall that had me riding around by myself at the back for a good chunk of the moto. However I really thought these 2 motos were the best riding I have done in the motos all year, even made a last corner pass in the first moto which was nice considering there were a few rounds where I wasn't making any passes all day. I am trying to take all the positives I can from these races and I'm excited to try to build on this past weekend at Budds Creek, I have ridden here a decent amount of times and really like the track so it should be good! I really feel like I picked a brutally tough year to be doing this whole endeavor but honestly it makes it that much sweeter that I'm able to qualify in such a gnarly field! Thank you to everyone cheering me on and everyone that comes by to say hi at the races, I love hearing about how much everyone is digging hearing the 2 stroke out there!! Almost makes up for the lackluster results, but I'm still working hard and will not give up until the checkered flag at Ironman, and at that point I think a break might be needed (I say that, but I'll be racing local the next weekend laughing ) Here is the vlog we put together from the weekend, huge shoutout to my girlfriend for running around Dilla all day getting all the footage! We have been having a blast putting these together with just an iPhone and an app on my phone


8/18/2022 10:28 AM

Emig gave you some love, or a Dis, however you want to take it. Said something like, you can hear that two stroke rippin' so you know we're coming up on lappers.


8/18/2022 10:30 AM

Been half following this thread and its awesome. When I saw you at the checkers with Sexton I was like oh shit that's the guy! That was a cool little piece of coverage you got. Keep at it!


8/18/2022 10:51 AM

Ridings on point. Proves the 2 stroke can do it hopefully we'll see more line up in the future and good luck at budds


8/18/2022 11:10 AM

I love hearing that 2-stroke out there. Keep up the good work!


Braaapin' aint easy.

8/18/2022 12:25 PM

Matt Burkeen: Doing it for the Everyman, except way faster!

Awesome work man, look forward to the videos every week. Have fun at budds 🤟🏼


8/18/2022 12:38 PM

Loving the vids Matt!!


8/18/2022 1:50 PM

The 2 stroke ripping, and the lawn mowing recovery day has my respect. The videos get better and better. Keep it up!



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8/20/2022 8:29 AM

Matt qualifies 27th at Budds on the 2 banger!!!


8/20/2022 8:43 AM

Best of Luck to young Mr. Burkeen.


"Welcome to Southern California......the mecca of motocross racing." ~ Jason Wiegant

8/20/2022 8:59 AM

Video reports are so cool. The "actual footage" of the dust was hilarious man. Keep the great work on that smoker.


I may not be an insider but I have loved this sport since the 70's. 2-smokers forever!

8/23/2022 3:58 PM

Hey guys, another national done and dusted and this was the most action packed one yet. Qualifying was super wet and sketchy so wasn't sure how I was feeing about the track along with the massive triple step up and triple step down that had me puckered on both first attempts big time. Was 32nd in the first practice and wasn't thrilled with the riding but the goal of top 36 was there so couldn't be too bummed on it. Second practice managed to run a lap behind Budds local Justin Rodbell and even with a few mistakes dropped my time by quite a bit and ended up 27th overall. Best qualifying of the year and I was really happy with that especially when looking at all the people in front and even behind me. Was sitting in staging P27 and Shane McElrath is 2 spots ahead of me in 25th, and the dude is a multi time supercross and national winner!! It's really an insane field right now and I'm beyond stoked to have been putting it in the shows. Lackluster motos again with 35-31 scores but unfortunately it's tough to build fitness during the season, I've got to keep in perspective that this summer almost didn't happen and I came in hurt so if I do this again next year it'll be a different story and we will be more prepared. I've done the best I could but between equipment issues and coming in hurt I've only got to practice 4 times total since the week before High Point. I've been down to only my one bike I'm racing and have been trying to minimize time on it, decided to say screw it and practice it for 2 weeks before Unadilla and that's where almost all my practicing came from.

Sunday I decided to stay for amateur day to race the pro-am to try to make a little extra cash and of course ended up having to race some of the top amateurs in the country the day after I did 2 35 minutes motos. Haiden Deegan, Daxton Bennick, and Matti Jorgensen were all in attendance trying to get their pro-am points and I thought it was a pretty cool opportunity to race all the moto winners from the 250B class at Loretta's this year even if I was a little tired. Was excited to race with them even if I got my ass kicked as it was a chance to get better and learn from the kids. Ended up racing 6 motos on Sunday and did my best to keep up with the next generation but in the end they got the best of me even though I gave them all I had. Needless to say after 2 timed practices, 2 35 minute motos, and 6 motos on Sunday I was absolutely beyond smoked and am actually still recovering.

Thank you to everyone that has been following along and everyone that has stopped by at the races to say hi! Gonna do my best to finish it out strong at Ironman and then get ready for money races in the fall!


8/23/2022 5:07 PM

Killer. Was that you parked along the entrance/exit road?


8/23/2022 10:05 PM

LocalMB wrote:

Hey guys, another national done and dusted and this was the most action packed one yet. Qualifying was super wet and sketchy ...more

So you’re definitely not heading to Pala?


8/23/2022 10:19 PM

Killer job Matt!


8/23/2022 11:48 PM

The classic Cairoli Burkeen battle had me laughing. Vids get better every time, if you’ve got time doing your winter races keep the videos going! Awesome work 👍🏼