Racer X Films: Cole Seely Extended Injury Update

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4/3/2018 8:05 AM

In case you missed the interview RacerX did with Seely.


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4/3/2018 8:23 AM

Uuuhhgg!.....God dang it Cole. Definitely sounded like a doozey. Sounds like it's going to take some time to heal from all that. Good luck with everything and hope to see you back out there again one day.


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Ezza is Da man!

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4/3/2018 8:30 AM

Stay strong Cole!


4/3/2018 8:34 AM

I was just gonna post that. The whole thing sounded like one big nightmare.

Cole is one of my favorite riders, i'm stoked to see him in good spirits!


4/3/2018 9:12 AM

Wow that's so crazy. Sometimes people stand up from the biggest crashes and just ride on. His crash wasn't a small one obviously but to me when I first saw it, it didn't look as bad. I was waiting for him to line up for the LCQ.
One of my favorite riders, hope he will make it back soon


4/3/2018 9:26 AM

“tore my abdomen wall off my pelvis”!! Wow.

Such a consistent, and IMO not super-aggressive rider getting ripped in half.

Does this stuff sell bikes!?

So glad he won’t need that chair forever.


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4/3/2018 9:37 AM

Bummed for Cole. What a gnarly injury, but thankful it wasn't worse. I look forward to seeing his return, if that's what he decides to do. Best of luck!


4/3/2018 10:55 AM

Wow. Thats pretty intense stuff. Get well soon Cole.


4/3/2018 11:14 AM

Sounds gnarly. I sure hope he means "erector muscles" in the back. A detached rectal muscle wassat does NOT sound good!! Seely is one of the good guys that's easy to cheer for. You are missed Cole, get well soon.


4/3/2018 11:18 AM

Christ!!! What a shitty list of injuries, hope you recovers well, if he comes back it would be even better.

Don’t know how anybody could not like Cole


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4/3/2018 11:42 AM

I didn't know the extent of his injuries, sounds like he really went through it

He comes across as such a nice guy, I wish him all the best.

It feels like he is considering other options and I don't think anyone can blame him for that, but I do hope whatever he chooses to do, we get to see him ride a bike again healthy and happy even if he doesn't return to full time racing.

Then he goes and reveals the racer in him working out his walking timeline based on race calendars. ha ha


4/3/2018 12:12 PM

He seems like a smart down to earth dude who can see the big picture. He just got wrecked big time and it can be difficult coming back from that. He can put in the work/rehab and make a comeback but I'm sure he is asking himself is it really worth it to put yourself put on the line again.

I would be surprised to see him back on the gate again based on this interview. But it's early and his mood and thoughts may change as he feels better.


4/3/2018 12:35 PM

That was a bad injury. Cole is 28. I will be surprised if he returns to racing professionally. Wish him the best in his continued recovery.


4/3/2018 1:41 PM

Sounds like he will have a 4 wheel future.....not what I hoped ....


4/3/2018 1:53 PM

Wow that sounds Bob Gnarly!! Im so glad he talked about himself as in "I" and "Me" .....not in the 3rd person substituting everything with "We" ...its become so god dam annoying and makes the look stupid.
Anybody know how/who/when this started in moto?

In otherwords "We made a bad line choice in that turn and we went down" .... Ummm no YOU the rider made the bad line choice and fell down. There are a few instances where it is appropriate but those are somewhat rare when talking about yourself in a race "we couldn't get the bike started on the gate" something like that

Seems like somebody started the trend and a bunch of people blindly followed the trend without even knowing anything about why or what it means


4/3/2018 2:16 PM

What a tough mofo. And good for him to kick the pain meds as quickly as possible.


4/3/2018 2:26 PM

Lightning78 wrote:

Wow that sounds Bob Gnarly!! Im so glad he talked about himself as in "I" and "Me" .....not in the 3rd person substituting ...more

We is (by default) used when the work being done is not a single person's effort, rather an undertaking by an entire community or group. For example, Cole represents the Honda team and the employees of the team. They are all collectively working towards a common goal. So it's not at all inappropriate to use "we" in this context.


4/3/2018 2:47 PM

Stay strong, Cole. Let the nightmare be off.


4/3/2018 5:48 PM

Great interview. Glad to hear that Cole on well in his way to recovery. Keep on keeping on!


4/3/2018 10:39 PM

Stay strong Cole! Great insight to the whole ordeal and hope you come out all ok. No one would blame him for not wanting to come back to professional racing after that!


4/4/2018 12:31 AM

All the best Cole, heal up soon !!!


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4/4/2018 12:15 PM

I'm a Big fan and
I would love to see him back out there
He so smooth and stylish on a supercross track
Fun to watch for sure
But after watching that my opinion
That he will not race professionally anymore


4/6/2018 4:44 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/6/2018 4:45 AM

After an injury like that, I think I would do something else. Test riding, bike development, something.


4/6/2018 5:08 AM

jtiger12 wrote:

After an injury like that, I think I would do something else. Test riding, bike development, something.

And the 2 guys with broken backs from daytona.
And ferrandis injury is pretty rough too broken jaw missing teeth and broken arm.
Roczens had a rough 2 years straight now.
Millsaps retired because his injury was so severe
Canard retired because all of his injuries were so severe
Pourcel was never the same because his injuries were so severe
Musquins brother will never be the same because of his injuries
And on and on

But its as safe as ever bros.

Seelys insides got torn in freaking half.


4/6/2018 5:22 AM

With Coles performances this year on the 450 I thought he would be a future champion. Cole has a lot of work getting through his extensive injuries and getting back to normal.

He is lucky to have the relationship he has with his girlfriend and they have a life long future together.


4/6/2018 5:52 AM

Drtbykr wrote:

“tore my abdomen wall off my pelvis”!! Wow.

Such a consistent, and IMO not super-aggressive rider getting ripped in half.


So glad he won’t need that chair forever. My thoughts exactly.

4/6/2018 6:20 AM

SX crash statistics? Where the fck are they? Why is this lack of profesionalism being allowed in the 'big money' dirtbike sport? Riders unions always being squashed, etc.

Waiting for the sickwads saying "its a dangerous sport dont go as fast" bs.

Best wishes for cole .


4/6/2018 6:29 AM

Cole was looking to be a future champion, he was riding more aggressive and smooth, sadly i think that this wil end it, i´d be surprised to see him back racing.

what a nasty injury, i seriously wouldnt go back racing if i where him, i mean, drifting is fun and giggles, it´s hard to get hurt bad and with some good contacts you can make it happen, good luck on the future cole!


4/6/2018 10:35 AM

I can only speak for myself on having a major hip injury. The recovery is long and along the way, you are happy about getting back the simple things that we all take for granted. You end up seeing a bigger picture in life and the reality is you are now worried about hurting yourself again.
He has alot to work through before he knows if he’s coming back. I wish him the best!


4/6/2018 5:31 PM

That is one crazy list of injuries from the bike flipping over on him. Get well soon