RV loan- great publicity for your business.

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10/10/2017 11:18 PM

A friend of mine from the UK will be attempting to break a world record next September. He will trying to cycle Route 66 faster than anybody ever has.

One thing he's struggling with is a support vehicle in the form of an RV.

Does anybody within vital have a hook up with an RV company or dealership who would want to get involved? It'd be great publicity for a business.
I don't know what he's expecting- free? Discounted rate? Or simply a contact? I'm not sure.. if you or you know someone who can offer something, can you let me know and I'll put you two in contact.



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10/11/2017 12:43 PM

Id suggest getting a group or team of cyclist to join his effort, a solo effort is tough to draw sponsors & attention too. Then I'd research businesses along the route to seek sponsorship/support.


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