RMZ450 easier kick lever.

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4/19/2018 2:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/19/2018 2:48 AM

Having bad knees makes it hard bending them enough to get a good kick from the top of the stroke as the lever sits so high. l hate having to look for a rock to stand on if l stall out on the track. l was looking for a shorter lever; it's easy to turn the engine over with the standard decompressor (compared to my CR500 :-) ) so a shorter lever will not be a problem in that area.

No one makes a shorter lever but l made one; l used the upper alloy lever from the '07 to '10 RMZ250, this mounted perfectly to the steel boss of the 450. lt did slightly foul with the stock header-pipe heat-shield (on the 2011 model); l didn't want to trim the stock heat-shield so l made a new one; l bought a alloy strip from the local hardware that is used on the edge of carpet in doorways, cost me $9 and have enough to make 5 sheilds, it's lighter & stronger than the stocker.

The kick arm sits about 1" lower, much easier to kick :-)



Melbourne, Australia. Current rides: '11 RMZ450, '84 CR500, '06 DRZ400, '79 KX250 with 400 engine, '06 GSXR1000 full Yosh racebike.

4/19/2018 3:16 AM

Nice thinking. I see an electric start in your future


4/19/2018 6:30 AM

Heat shield looks trick! Nicely done.