RIP Bruce Brown

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12/11/2017 7:24 AM

Sad news to wake up to today....

Can't imagine how many people in the sport can directly tie their involvement to On Any Sunday. Has there ever been an industry impacted more by a single film/documentary than On Any Sunday?

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12/11/2017 7:28 AM

All his films are good. Do a search.


12/11/2017 7:34 AM
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OAS is a great movie. The endless summer was pretty good as well. Bruce new how to perfectly capture the spirit of his subjects. RIP BB.


12/11/2017 7:34 AM

Wow rest in peace Mr. Brown.


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12/11/2017 7:46 AM

What a legacy he is leaving. Endless Summer is a great documentary. Godspeed


12/11/2017 7:58 AM

RIP Bruce Brown


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12/11/2017 8:07 AM

Gonna sport my OAS tee today, and watch the movie tonight. RIP


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12/11/2017 8:10 AM

I love OAS and the Endless Summer. The way he could capture a vibe and his sense of humour made his movies so special.


12/11/2017 8:39 AM

RIP Bruce. Thankful for your contributions.


12/11/2017 8:47 AM

I'm pretty sure my dad bought his first motorcycle because of On Any Sunday. It's likely I wouldn't have been a motorcycle rider if not for Bruce Brown.


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12/11/2017 8:49 AM

On Any Sunday hooked me for Life with my passion of all forms of Motorcyling. Bruce did such a great job capturing the spirit of Riding that nobody else has to this day.

RIP BB, you will be missed but your Legacy will Live on Forever....


12/11/2017 9:16 AM

This hurts. That movie was my everything growing up. I remember how stoked l was to finally have a VHS tape to watch over and over and over. Still watch it 3-4 times a year. Now it will be even more bittersweet.

An icon. RIP Bruce Brown.


12/11/2017 9:33 AM

He made my favorite movies, movies that changed a lot of our lives. RIP


12/11/2017 10:07 AM

I listen to the OAS soundtrack in my vehicles all the time. Gets me pumped and wishing I was riding. Hope the youngsters realize what this guy did for motorcycling.



12/11/2017 10:15 AM

RIP, sir!


12/11/2017 10:18 AM

The man changed so many lives. RIP


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12/11/2017 10:32 AM

The next chapter is good too.


12/11/2017 10:43 AM

The Godfather of Cool. RIP BBsr.


12/11/2017 11:53 AM

Sad day... I know On Any Sunday word for word... RIP.


12/11/2017 11:59 AM

Damn it.


12/11/2017 12:15 PM

I'll never forget the day I rode my Sting Ray to the theater to see OAS in 1971. Impacted my life greatly, and I still moto.
RIP Mr. Brown, thank you.?


12/11/2017 1:32 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/11/2017 1:59 PM

Sad news indeed.

Check out : for a recent small magazine celebrating Bruce's 80th Birthday on Dec 1st, and, of course, On Any Sunday.

Rust Sports is a Free E Magazine that covers a Lot of Off Road Motorcycling.

I love OAS, and recently showed it to a group of youngsters. Sadly, a fair few dismissed it as a bunch of 'junker' bikes being ridden in ancient times, by 'dags'. A few others, loved it - I'd say they may be the ones that have Motorcycling in their lives, long after the little tossils that are getting free bikes and transport through their parents, who inevitably then drop the sport the second they have to put something in.


12/11/2017 1:46 PM

I've watched Endless Summer but never On Any Sunday. I'll definitely be watching, thanks for the link Freddie.


12/11/2017 2:07 PM

That movie absolutely changed my life. I walked out of that theater in Santa Monica after watching an original release at the Santa Monica 3rd St theaters. I now had a name for what we had been doing on our Schwinn StingRays Motocross and a new goal in life - Get a motorcycle. It took a couple few years to get an MR50 then a XR75 and it's been in my blood ever since. Thanks Bruce!! RIP


12/11/2017 3:00 PM

How many movies can you hum the opening scenes music and know all the lyrics with the kids on BMX bikes?
Godspeed Bruce Brown....................the world is a lot richer for your creative contributions!
Bet him and Steve are having an all night catch up drinking contest in heaven!

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12/11/2017 3:01 PM
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rip Bruce, great films.


12/11/2017 3:50 PM

Endless Summer is my happy place. RIP Genius of a filmmaker.


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12/11/2017 3:55 PM

robkinuk wrote:

How many movies can you hum the opening scenes music and know all the lyrics with the kids on BMX bikes?
Godspeed Bruce ...more

Any time I see the title On Any Sunday, the theme song is the first thing that pops into my head. That opening scene perfectly captured what it was like to live in Southern California in the 70's.

RIP Bruce Brown


12/11/2017 4:32 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/11/2017 4:33 PM

What great movies he made! I raced Moto because of on any Sunday. My dad and I saw it in the theater 6 times! Became completely obsessed in a great way with bikes because of him.
Endless summer made me want to surf. Finally got into that also! A lifetime of fun because of his touch with conveying the essence of both sports. What a unique style he had with making movies! So talented!


12/11/2017 4:57 PM

RIP, what a sad day, we were just talking about him at last vintage race. Godspeed and thanks for the memories !


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