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11/29/2017 2:13 PM

So I've been trying to find the info everywhere and never found what I was looking for. The new 100% Racecraft + lens is the same shape as the old (Standard 100% lens) one, just pre curved. So if you want you can still interchange all lenses! The foam is also a little different on the + Goggle.

I just interchanged them for myself. The new + Lens is SWEET! Because it is stiffer and pre curved it makes it night and day easier to install into the frame!

A+ again for Ride 100 Percent!


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11/29/2017 2:37 PM

I really wanted to get the new + goggle. I just couldn't convince myself to do it. I just got a new pair of prospects in today and can't wait to try them out.


11/29/2017 2:48 PM

Yeah I got a set too and you’re right they are easier to change lenses with the new plus lens. Clarity is damn good too!


11/29/2017 4:27 PM

It is a PITA to install the current lenses, for me anyway.
I'm pretty committed to the 100% brand so I'm in.


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