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8/22/2017 5:06pm
After being bikeless for such a long time im thinking picking one up for next season. The tm mx 300fi has really caught my eye but the price tag is so high. I was curious if the dealers budge at all with the price or is the listed msrp what you end up paying?
8/22/2017 6:01pm
I didn't end up buying one, but in Oz but the guy here offered a good deal on 300 2 stroke.
8/22/2017 7:51pm Edited Date/Time 8/22/2017 7:52pm
If your buying the bike and plan on staying on it a while ( I typically keep a bike 4 year since I'm older) it's an OK investment. Dealers typically only discount leftovers and there are fees and more fees (similar to most but not all KTM dealers msrp +900). Parts are high (plastic is outrageous). Are you ready to buy something else yet??? lol
8/22/2017 8:16pm
Thanks for the replies. I just like the idea of a factory built 300 four stroke instead of buying a 250 and having to mod it into a good performing 300. I guess the ktm 350 is another option thou. More than likely I'll change my mind hundreds of times before I buy a bike.
8/22/2017 9:17pm
I have ridden the 4 strokes, but bought a 2015 250 2 stroke. The bike hauls ass, and doesn't have any quirks about the chassis or anything that you might think. I believe it feels more like a Japanese bike than anything. I haven't had any reliability issues with it and the only parts I have put on it are new springs in the fork and shock, and a different handlebar. Clutch is strong, transmission is great, etc. The amount of trick/quality parts that come on it bring the higher price tag initially, but I believe will save you in the long run. I deal with the guys up here in Canada more frequently, but Ralph in the states has been a great asset as well for setups and things they have found for each model for improvements, longevity, service intervals, etc.

The only snag I would say is potential resale value. If you have someone who knows bikes, it might not be as hard to get a legit price for it, but if you are in an area without a dealer or many of them around it could be a bit harder. Anyone who knows bikes can look at them and see the quality, but Joe Weekendwarrior will probably ask you what happened to "K" on the name...

If you have any more questions I can help you with hit me up.

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8/23/2017 2:53pm
Thank you everyone for the replies. I won't be making a purchase until spring so i have some time. I was just curious if dealers work with you on the prices. $10595 is a lot of cash thou for the mx 300fi.

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