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5/13/2018 11:05 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/13/2018 11:15 PM

Is anyone familiar with the companies who make custom MX Gear? I've heard good things about CanvasMX and saw another company posted in a thread here a week or so ago but can't remember what that company name is.
Anyways, I had a couple questions. I would appreciate any feedback.

1. For custom gear, what are the pants like? Most MX pants have pieces that are rubber patches (not sure what you would call those pieces) like the brands logo along the side, or around the knee area. Those rubber pieces are usually shaped to the brand's logo or sometimes shaped to flow with the design. When ordering Custom MX gear, are the pants just smooth all the way down and does that look odd at all compared to "regular" mx pants?

2. I may decide to just order another gear set, most likely Answer because I've worn that for years. Many companies are happy to add your name and number to the back of a jersey. Has anyone ever asked these companies to print your own logo on the front of the jersey if you supply the artwork?

I appreciate any feedback and insight. Thanks!


5/13/2018 11:06 PM

I think KW Racewear was the other option, haven’t purchased gear from either company though.


5/13/2018 11:19 PM

thatswhathappens wrote:

I think KW Racewear was the other option, haven’t purchased gear from either company though.

I just found the thread for the other custom gear It was I'll have to check out KW Racewear. Thanks!


5/13/2018 11:48 PM

The KW looked pretty cool I thought, I played around and came up with some cool color combos... dare I say “color ways” whistling

I didn’t order though as I had just picked up some TLD vented for the summer on clearence!


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5/14/2018 8:24 PM

Wrex Racing out of Canada makes high quality custom gear, and I am talking about more than just designs and graphics. I am a large dude and they made me some gear that fit perfect and the Jersey was even loose fitting.

I recommend them.