Question About "CR Style" Brake Lines For Other Brands

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4/4/2018 10:07 PM

Hey so I'm curious about the "CR Style" brake lines and different lengths specifically for other manufacturers I have a 2003 KX250 and I was curious about wether the overall length of the brake line differs between brands. In my mind they would all be the same length bec the forks and travel should all roughly be the same length overall so theoretically the brake lines should be the same length as well regarldless of mfg as long as were talking about a full sized bike. I was considering having a brake line nade for my 2003 KX250 and hoping someone/anyone could provide some input on what to loom out for if i have one custom made rather than buying a pre manufactured steel braided "CR Style" front brake line.

Does anyone know what length i should shoot for specifically regarding the 2003 KX250? I already have a set of lightspeed fork guards ready to install just need a braje line to put on with it as the stocker routes under the fork leg and back up the caliper to bolt on. Im looking to improve my front brake by going with the patented routing Honda used as we all know and are familiar with how well this improves front brake line performance but i dont know what length to work off of....any input would be greatly appreciated!!


4/4/2018 10:11 PM

I think most lines are similar length, but they change up the banjo angles for different master cylinders and calipers.

I really like venhill since you can swap out the bajos, they will make anything for you, even through the ebay store.

One of the top bikes in the gp pit bits was running venhill, plus they do a lot of road racers


4/4/2018 10:14 PM



4/5/2018 3:37 AM

The patent ended in 2004. So a lot of brands used the cr routing from 04 onwards. maybe you could find a used 2004+ KX front brake on ebay.


4/5/2018 8:39 AM

Yes I could and I considered that however I'm trying to find out if anybody knows the length of the brake line so I can have one made by a local shop that's interested in doing it for a real good price


4/5/2018 12:35 PM

I simply put a braded Honda hose on my 91 KX500, bolted right on and works great... Photo


5/1/2018 2:25 PM

Sidecar wrote:

I simply put a braded Honda hose on my 91 KX500, bolted right on and works great... Photo

Sidecar, I can't tell from the picture but the brake line has to be held at the top of the fork leg so the line travels straight up. Even a double looped zip tie would work. Without the clamp the line can loop out behind the caliper and get into the front wheel on a big landing or if mud keeps it from easily sliding through the top guide when the suspension compresses. In the old days guys would hook their brake cable (drum brake) on the a knobby and get instant full front brake, hence the clamp.


5/1/2018 3:07 PM

Back on my old YZ426F all I did was buy a brake line for a CR250. Fit without issues. You will need a newer fork guard with the correct brake hose clamp as well.

The packaging for my front Galfer lines I have on my current YZ and KXF said they fit all 4 Japanese brands. And I’d bet they would fit a KTM also, only Brembo uses a different pitch on the threads for the banjo bolts if I remember correctly.


6/14/2018 4:37 PM

Bump....can anyone tell me what fork guards I need to get to run the cr style setup on my 03 kx250?

I have some brand new in the package white lightspeed yz fork guards that apparently dont fit so Im looking to get rid of them but need to replace them with the correct ones. Anybody have any input?

Should I use 04 and up kx125/250 or kx250f fork guards? Will they fit?

I think the 04 kx125/250 will fit but just need to be sure before i buy them.