Putting the moto game debate to rest...

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5/9/2018 4:29 PM

As far as physics are concerned, MX simulator is way above all other games even though many like more arcade style games. But everyone should take notice of the terrain deformation the game creator (Josh Vanderhoof) has been continually developing throughout the supercross season in replica online competition. Him and track creators within the game could really be onto the ultimate moto simulation as far as rut forming is concerned, especially when 40 online riders battle for 30+2.

I understand PC gaming isn't something everyone can dive into, and MX simulator takes commitment some don't have... so by no means is this an advertisement. But I think these few guys deserve some attention for their dedication to something big money game companies can't accomplish.

I can attest to how amazing this terrain deformation feels at the top level in game. You truly have to be attentive and selective of your lines, and you can rail ruts, and you can slip out and blow them out as well. To give you a great visual here is a time lapse of the deformation from the Outdoors promo vid.

Keep up the good work guys!