Pros with side gigs / signature products

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7/25/2017 7:56 AM

Really two topics here: Side gigs and signature parts

Dean Wilson had been pushing his soon-to-be-released side business called on his IG account. Looks like it is a subscription model that gets you some product, but also access to ride coaching and dirt bike maintenance videos. Without weighing in on the actual product/business, I say good for him for pursuing something on the side, which makes me wonder who else has something on the side (business, not chicks)?

Emig is the only guy (that I know of) selling signature grips, which is something that current riders should be doing. Grips are cheap and they are a wear item. There have been signature parts in the BMX, wake, surf, and many other lesser sports for years, but it's virtually nonexistent in moto aside from gear and some guys selling t-shirts. Grips, bar pads, foot pegs, seat covers, clutch covers, rear sprockets....sprocket bolts? There are a lot of things that pros can partner with their current sponsors on to make a signature part and set up a royalty deal. Should be a win-win even if it cannibalizes some existing sales. Yosh made a limited edition KR exhaust system, but it's hard to think of other examples. Just a suggestion for the pros that don't read this site: make hay while the sun shines, my dudes.