Pros not using duct tape over their nipples...

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7/12/2009 3:06 PM

They must have a raw nipple fetish cause that shit hurtz...


7/12/2009 3:13 PM

There's tons of evidence they save your nipples
I got thick jersey once and since it was new, it wasn't soft yet, and the paramedic said I could've lost my nipples, maybe my life!

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7/12/2009 5:28 PM

Timmy knows best:

7/12/2009 5:33 PM

I have some band aids in my gear bag. But I am far from pro.

well we ain't the smartest folks in the world...i mean we're fucking dirtbike riders for christ sakes.- BobbyM

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7/12/2009 5:57 PM

Only the nascar guys use duct tape...

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7/12/2009 6:04 PM

Pasties for me. The stuff the real pros use.

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