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7/14/2017 11:55 AM

Many moons ago, I called PC with the intent of having them build a motor and suspension for me. I had a lackluster conversation and went elsewhere. Perhaps I just talked to a flunky answering the phones... I was pretty young back then too.

Fast forward to earlier this week. I reluctantly called them because I have a specific question about their home-brew suspension. Wow, things have changed. Even the folks answering the phones were top notch! Then I got to talk to Alex W. For a while. I was rushing because I didn't want to take up his time, but in the end he went above and beyond to help me out! He didn't rush me at all, try to oversell me- in fact he insisted I go a complete different route to save cash and work better due to my (lack of, lol) ability.

Lots of good companies out there, and I think I just caught the wrong guy on a bad day back in the day, because this time they were spot on!

Thanks Alex and PC. Keep up the good work!


7/14/2017 12:18 PM

I can also vouch for Camilla and Mark that have been helping me with a set of triple clamps for my 06 KX250. She has been more than patient with me through multiple (more than 10) emails and mark when I called when the wrong part was sent and helped resolve the issue!


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7/14/2017 12:25 PM

Alex handles all my customer jobs- the guy is on it!


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7/14/2017 1:45 PM

Awesome! Love to hear stuff like this.


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7/14/2017 1:58 PM

I've been dealing with PC for about 15 yrs. & have had great customer service. Not to mention the fastest 250 2t engine (03CR250r) with their mods ridden to date going back to the early 80's..


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7/14/2017 2:02 PM

Good credit were credit is due. Nothing worse than bad customer service, especially when you're throwing down a big chunk of money.