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jwoltz jwoltz
12/28/2018 6:51 PM

Had a great conversation with a friend yesterday driving
Home from Glen Helen. Going to be tough to make main events!!!!

Tomac / Savatgy / Anderson / Osborne / Musquin / Webb / Friese / Brayton / M. Stewart / Roczen / Seeley / Hill / Barcia / Plessinger / Reed / Blose (OUT) / Baggett —— Wilson / Grant / Bogle

20 top tier guys that should make mains as of right now ?. Did we miss anyone?

Cunningham / A. Ray / A. Entiknap / AJ Catanzaro / T. Entiknap / R. Breece / R. Surratt. - these guys are serious contenders to make mains. The LCQ’s. Will be absolutely prime!!! I would love to see lcq’s go 1-2 more laps...

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mikec265 mikec265
12/28/2018 6:57 PM

I think the 450 privateers this year should stay at boot camp until mid February building speed and endurance. Once a few guys get injured then they can make a main. I feel bad for them since the field is so stacked.

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TeamGreen TeamGreen
12/28/2018 6:58 PM

I'm picking the 7-Deuce-Deuce to be in the main at A1.

I ripped a start from Egypt and I was happy about that.

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Sir Roostsalot Sir Roostsalot
12/28/2018 7:28 PM

Gonna be a lot of last turn action in the LCQ's.


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foreman52 foreman52
12/28/2018 7:40 PM

Bowers, Chisholm, Bisceglia (??), LaMay (??), Tedder (??), Soubeyras (??), and Nick Schmidt is back.

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aeffertz aeffertz
12/28/2018 7:42 PM

Most stacked field ever bro

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Crush Crush
12/28/2018 7:43 PM

Which is why whenever uses the argument of privateers not needing to spend money on a 450 to make it fast, i'm like who gives a fuck. The aim should be 30 or so guys on teams fighting for 22 spots on the gate...

Cheers, Crush

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jwoltz jwoltz
12/28/2018 7:45 PM
foreman52 wrote:

Bowers, Chisholm, ...more

Dang!!!! My Guy Bowers!!! Can’t believe I
Missed that one.

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GeorgiePorgie GeorgiePorgie
12/28/2018 8:20 PM

I’m having dejavu. On some stacked field chatter.

Since 1987

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feelit2morrow feelit2morrow
12/28/2018 8:23 PM

As mentioned above, by Mid Feb. the field will have thinned due to injury and there will be more open spots. It sucks, but it's the way it goes unfortunately. What's crazy is a guy who can't even make a main is faster than most can ever dream of being.

2018 CRF250R

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foreman52 foreman52
12/28/2018 8:33 PM
feelit2morrow wrote:

As mentioned above, by Mid ...more

What’s even more crazy is those riders between 14th-22nd for the most part are funding their entire program themselves. They’re in that very small percent category of dudes that are just straight savage on a dirt bike and can’t make a career out of it. Don’t see that in any other sport. My dad always joked with me as a kid saying if I was as good at playing hockey or football life would of been a lot easier hahah. Maybe no professional career ever being made but might of paid for a University degree LOL.

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GuyB GuyB
12/28/2018 10:19 PM

Not that different than the last five years.

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drt410 drt410
12/29/2018 1:04 AM

Even 5 guys getting injured makes 15 top guys lol. Seriously 10th is a huuge accomplishment this year.

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uk125250 uk125250
12/29/2018 1:08 AM
aeffertz wrote:

Most stacked field ever ...more

In the history of ever

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lumpy790 lumpy790
12/29/2018 5:45 AM

Please Define what you consider to be a privateer.

Is racing for a B team with an 18 wheeler really a privateer?

WWR flashback

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