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erik_94COBRA erik_94COBRA
1/24/2019 6:42 AM

What is a 2001 Honda CR250 and 2003 Honda CR250 selling for in your area?

I see roached out bikes listed for around $2k. And slightly nicer 3rd gens listed for closer to $3k. I sold a nice '05 CR250 a couple years back for $2500 after being listed for a while.

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Nellyinda803 Nellyinda803
1/24/2019 6:44 AM

Same around my area in Maryland. Can't get a nice, older 2 stroke for under $2000 nowadays

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kb228 kb228
1/24/2019 6:59 AM

2000-2500. People ask ludacris prices like 3500 sometimes but they dont sell for that

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mtl mtl
1/24/2019 7:06 AM

Nothing like an overpriced 15-year old cave tool to made you feel like a turd out on the course.

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pkiczuk pkiczuk
1/24/2019 7:12 AM

id say your usual "runs mint, very fast, just needs a new top end, bottom end, plastics, and a powerwash to be like new" two strokes around here go for anywhere from $2500-$3500. At least that's whats being asked, every once in a while someone knows what their bike is actually worth and youll find something workable for around 1500-2000

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mxracer666 mxracer666
1/24/2019 7:23 AM

I'm building a "nice" 2003 right now. Bike was solid -good swing arm bearings, linkage. I will have over $1000 in the engine tho , after getting the cylinder replated and replacing six gears and bearings in the transmission and a clutch basket! (guess the previous owner liked speed shifting without using the clutch!) Buyer beware out there!

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zgranj zgranj
1/24/2019 7:25 AM

I got mine listed for $2900; it's been completely rebuilt(complete engine and suspension rebuild along with other things listed):,26/2001-CR-250-Rebuilt-From-Ground-Up-For-sale,1352168 .

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mister2dt mister2dt
1/24/2019 7:50 AM

01 around here is 12-1800. 03 usually 16-2200. Mint 03’s around 2500. Mint 01’s around 2-2100. Yz’s bring more than cr’s around here. There is a cherry rm250 a few miles from me right now, 03 model that is pristine, $1800.

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Mx4life320 Mx4life320
1/24/2019 8:00 AM

Around Chicago they are anywhere from 1500-3000 depending on condition. I got lucky last year and picked up a 03 CR250 for 1000 that still had the original tires on!!!!

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r18b r18b
1/24/2019 9:40 AM
mtl wrote:

Nothing like an overpriced ...more

until those new 9k bikes can't overtake a 15 year old smoker.

Ow wait 9k on the floor 5k when going trough the door.

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