Post Race Press Conference

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3/11/2018 11:50 AM

I don’t usually watch these, but this one was definitely worth the time. If you didn’t see it, you should.

Very cool to see Brayton humble yet very excited. Ended every question asked with how stoked he was about winning. Kind of surprised he didn’t say “super pumped”

Props to Tomac for manning. up and saying ‘“ Yeah, it was a take out”. Coop admitted his part in the action as well.


"I'll beat yer ass. Nine times outa ten. Every time" Ronnie Mac

3/11/2018 12:13 PM

I just sent this as a text to a friend, and thought shit after taking the time to write this - it looks Vital worthy- the question was which thread to post it in. Yours is empty and more on point to my subject so here it is.

Awesome presser. Respect to Tomahawk for admitting to going for the takeout on ChknCoop, and props to Cooper for admitting he was moving over a bit. - Respect!

So stoked for the peoples choice Brayton. I called it before the gate drop - told my bro, "Brayton is probably more focused on this race than he has been in over a decade - I said after last week, he may never get a chance as good as Right Now! It was clearly his time. Paid his dues, and struck while the iron was hot. Perfect execution.

Also stoked for one of the rich guys that supports this sport out of the pure love of the game, finally gets a long overdue payback. Congrats to Mike Genova, and Good Job Toni Alessi and the guys at SmartTop MCR!!