Polished Exhaust Headers

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10/16/2018 3:48 PM

Just curious if anyone has some insight on how to go about getting your header looking this pristein. Is it coated with something? Can I get this result from your average polishing routine or is there some other process it goes through like being blasted? Photo


10/16/2018 3:57 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/16/2018 3:58 PM

Not sure, but I’d bet it’s a nickel plating or something similar


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10/16/2018 4:20 PM

Ive tried polishing my ti5 pipe from pro circuit. Not much luck. For whatever reason polishing titanium is harder than aluminum or steel.

What i ended up doing at the end is using a wire wheel to get the gray crap off and make the pipe bright silver, and then use a map gas torch to turn it blue.


10/16/2018 4:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/16/2018 4:38 PM

Well, first of all, that is a brand new, barely ridden bike with a brand new pipe with little heat put through it (save for a torch to turn it blue and purple). It was likely polished using a buffing wheel on a bench grinder.

It won't look like that for very long once it gets excessively hot for an extended period of time. Just some temporary jewelry for a new bike build. Waste of time and energy for the average joe.


10/16/2018 4:41 PM

titanium can be anodized to look like that. Buff to a shine and the color stays. Shine fades though


10/16/2018 4:50 PM

Thanks for the input. Probably not going to mess with it if it won't last then. I was under the impression it was permenant


10/17/2018 6:04 AM

Ti is really tough to polish or even clean up to be honest. I've put headers/skid plates etc in a nut blaster, sonic bath and I've tried buffing it with Autosol and a drill with some scotchbrite on it with minimal results.


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10/17/2018 6:28 AM

The Blue color on the pipe is from the construction process of the TI pipe.

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