Please recommend a less expensive Al version of flexy MX bars, something that feels like Twisted Engineering CF bars

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9/30/2018 7:29 AM

Hey guys, I have some beat to crap wrists. Several years back when I rode a lot I added some Twisted Engineering CF bars and frankly, have loved them ever since. Instant relief to my wrists.

However, they broke on my Stepson yesterday (he is fine) and I need some new bars.

TE has had some issues with product quality and customer service, plus they cost $379, and frankly I barely find time to MX these days, so really don't want that sort of expense. Furthermore it sucked moving and loading bike that was missing half the handlebar, so that's another point for the Al bars.

Can anyone recommend a 1 1/8" Aluminum bar that will provide these old wrists lots of flex that I can purchase for say under $150?

Thanks for your advise.


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9/30/2018 7:34 AM

Personally I’m partial to the pro taper evos. I’ve run everything pro taper, Renthal, and Mika make, and they’re by far the most comfortable. I’ve got some beat up shoulders and like the flex for that. Super strong too, don’t think I’ve ever bent a set.


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9/30/2018 7:36 AM

I’ve had great luck with Renthal Fat Bars.


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9/30/2018 7:38 AM

Fuzion or ODI CFT... can't imagine either one being close to the relief you had with the TE bars though.


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9/30/2018 7:59 AM

I'd try either ProTaper or maybe some ProTapers - or maybe some InterAms, if you can't find any Andres


9/30/2018 8:05 AM

Keefer did a handlebar test and he thinks the Pro Taper EVO bar has the most flex and comfort in it. I run the PT EVO bar with the Carmichael bend and i like it.


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9/30/2018 10:12 AM

I have use phds mounts and that takes of a lot of spikes away . Tried the Protaper Evo it just didn`t work as or close to the TE 3 bar i use . Maybe the held up so far since i never use the bars to secure the bike.


9/30/2018 10:19 AM

I've never tried them, but I hear Fasst bars are awesome for that.
One of the Renthal guys once said that 7/8 bars are flexier than any 1 1/8 bar, also.


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9/30/2018 11:10 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/30/2018 11:12 AM

murph783 wrote:

Personally I’m partial to the pro taper evos. I’ve run everything pro taper, Renthal, and Mika make, and they’re by far the ...more

Pretty much the same here. I have a destroyed palm/hand, beat up shoulders, and the evo feels far better than I ever thought it could. I don't have rubber mounts, and I don't notice much vibration(YZ250). I can't vouch for how strong they really are, but I can say I have not been able to bend mine. They have been put to the test....unwillingly of course.

Edit: Pillowtop grips are icing on the cake.


9/30/2018 1:37 PM

Been on Pro Taper since '92 and nothing else feels right to me.


9/30/2018 6:03 PM

If you really want to do it right the Faast Flex bar is the go to bar for this situation. Since budget is a factor I too will recommend Pro Taper Evo bar. I have them on my CRF and love them. Pastrana bend is perfect for me.


9/30/2018 6:34 PM

What about the Mako 360 system? I’ve been meaning to create a thread on them, but always forget.


9/30/2018 7:58 PM

Mika makes a hybrid bar that is 7/8 at the mounts then transitions to 1 1/8. Not sure if they help in comfort but those may be an option for you too.


9/30/2018 9:08 PM

Fasst Flexx bars, maybe you could find some used ones on ebay


10/1/2018 6:02 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/1/2018 6:03 AM

I've actually had the Fasst bars (heavy and only flexes in one plane), the PDS system (worked okay but made the bike a bit vague), and then I moved to the TE bars and loved them. They were light and felt great.

The bars did not break through any fault of their own, the bike was looped out hard enough to destroy the subframe as well.

I always secure the bike in the truck at the forks, not on the bars.

Budget is a bit of an issue, just because I barely ride these days but also I'll be taking my stepson to ride again and he'll certainly crash again.

I have the Evo's ordered and hopefully it's enough for my wrists (which are very sore just from a MTB ride yesterday). If not, well I'll order the newest TE bars and he just won't be allowed to ride the bike any longer.

Thanks again.


2013 KTM 250SX on Ohlins, 314cc built stroker engine with 56 very smooth and easy to ride rwhp.