Please.... need husky answers

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1/23/2018 11:32 PM

So usually doesnt the factory edition become the next years model. I have a 16 fc250 and I absolutely love the look of these bikes. Theyre perfect in my eyes. Now that that fugly rockstar husky is out does that mean that next years huskys are going to be these bikes now? Please god no. At least the 250s should stay the same. I think they need to do what KTM did and just slim and trim down everything but keeping the general look. I really hope these are just the special edition and not next years fc450. Husky if your listening do what KTM did. Keep the general look and just trim it down. You have such a good thing going no need to make that stupid 2 piece side panel clunky looking bike. It literally looks heavy. Can someone please tell me that those arent going to be the 19 fc450? Cycra if you are also listening can you make some type of powerflow kit that just trims everything down. I promise youll make a lot of money. You can make them for the fugly edition and the regular edition too. Make a slim down powerflow kit. Can someone confirm yes or not tho? Thanks.


1/24/2018 6:07 AM

2019 will likely be the same minus all the rockstar graphics, it'll be the plain white/blue/yellow, but otherwise should be the same bike as the current rockstar edition including the plastics. Same thing KTM has been doing for a while now. Sucks for you I guess.


1/24/2018 6:14 AM

Yup it does. O well Ill keep my 16.