Paul “Baz” Boudreau Column???

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12/31/2019 7:06 AM

davistld01 wrote:

I know Paul wrote for MXA & RacerX...but he is a native Texan, and I believe he and (also from Texas) Jody Weisel from MXA were friends. Are the any real old school Texans here that remember if Baz wrote for the old Texas Motocross magazine beac in the late 70's-mid 80's?

Johnny Depp wrote:

Never saw the Baz in any Texas papers. Pete Szyilagi was the original MXA Editor who also hailed from Austin Texas. He spent many years doing the Automobile test for the local paper and some public radio.

Yeah, man...I had Paul & Pete mixed up. Paul hailed from New England, Pete from the Austin, Tx. area. I stood & stand corrected.


12/31/2019 8:50 AM

shiftmx_22 wrote:

For anyone interested, here is a Dropbox link to the Baz columns that RacerX supplied me years ago.

Got 'em. Thanks! I'd forgotten how funny these were....

Rollar DeCoaster.... LOL..... Wonder if that made Roger laugh? Better Q is: _Does_ Roger laugh?


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