Painting 1988 cr125 frame

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8/2/2019 10:55 PM

So, let me just get this out of the way. I am not powder coating! I want to paint my frame! What is the most durable paint. As far as chipping and chemical protection. (Gas). I have a paint gun and I have a big air compressor. I have everything needed to paint if it is not from an aerosol can. I have heard pj1 having the perfect color to bring back the stock look but I have heard that stuff does not hold up well at all. I have heard all of these different suggestions but have never seen a bike with (X) amount of hours on it after being painted. Does anybody have any real reviews on a certain paint. Also, this bike will be ridden and raced. I don’t mind touching up the paint over high wear spots. I am thinking about putting frame tape on the sides anyway. Just to preserve as much as I can.


8/2/2019 11:43 PM

Your best bet is a catalyzed single stage urethane or polyurethane, which will have excellent gloss and chemical resistance, but nothing will be immune to chips from rocks, etc. Powdercoating doesn’t look as good and has poor chemical resistance, but should resist chipping a little better. Anything from a Rattle Can is junk and will not hold up to chemicals or much else. I certainly wouldn’t paint a whole frame with it.


8/3/2019 12:18 AM

If I can powder coat my frame twice you can powder coat your frame once smile

The frame in this photo is Bengal Red but it's not the correct color. The best color to use for 88-89 is RAL 3020. Good luck with your project.



8/3/2019 9:22 AM

It’s not that I have anything against powder coating but I would just rather do all the work myself. I could powdercoat but I would have to go buy the powder and a gun to spray it and set up an oven and all that. I would rather just spray it with a high quality paint and touch it up every once in a while. I’m going to make a skid plate and probably put some sort of guard on the frame where my boots rub. Hopefully that will help with the bottom of the frame and the sides.