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1/12/2019 9:04 AM

Out of curiosity from reading the engineering jobs in moto thread, how many Penn State educated engineering people are on here? I graduated from PSU Harrisburg in 1992 with degrees in mechanical and structural but got laid off in the industrial steel construction industry after 9/11 and went back to school. Now I’m a critical care and trauma X-ray tech. Anyway, I am just curious.


1/12/2019 9:34 AM

I'm not, but my son-in-law did. Graduated from PSU Behrend in 2012 I believe. Mechanical engineering degree. Had several offers and signing bonuses coming out, decided on staying local and signed on with the largest energy company in downtown Pitts. at their HQ (due to my daughters influence, I'm sure,lol) He's been promoted 3 or 4 times since he was hired and is just making ridiculous bank. I mean 6 figures and the first digit isn't a 1. He's doing well.


1/12/2019 10:54 AM

Went to PSU Harrisburg with you John but never really jelled with their program. Finished #1 in class at Temple with a BSME. Loved their program. Been laid off a few times during my tenure but the salary is up there. Need to be working for companies near major cities. I work for a company out of King of Prussia. Six figure + if you're with a good company. Companies are screaming for good engineers right now. They can't find anybody qualified or willing to work. I am getting a dozen hits a week from linkedin and I'm not looking.


1/12/2019 11:58 AM

Chris when I as at Buddy’s Creek this year, in the 125 race was one of the Gavlaks from central PA. One of them, at least was at PSU in ME as well. I forget his first name though. At least I assume it was the same Gavlak family. He was in my autoCAD classes.


1/14/2019 4:47 PM

Chris is his name. Rode a 125 at Budds . Other brother is Alan.

Both ride and like only smokers.

I went to PSU ME started in 78. At State College main campus. Raced the nationals in 84-86. Nothing spectacular. 25-35. Started my own company. Been racing still at 59. Kid races some. Wife works in the industry. I'm blessed.


Older and YZer!!!