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3/2/2019 8:33 PM

Anyone see what happened to him?


3/2/2019 8:38 PM

If that dude did not have bad luck, he would have no luck at all. I have not seen someone go down this much since Greg Albertyn.

His 450 career has been a total disaster so far.


3/2/2019 8:46 PM

I was at the race. Appeared to be a mechanical. Saw him looking down at his bike and rolling down the start straight. Then it looked like his bike cut out on the rhythm before the whoops.


3/2/2019 8:51 PM

Bezerko should be his nickname


3/2/2019 8:53 PM

JH and JO are in same boat


3/2/2019 9:22 PM

Kind of luck he had in 2016. Osborne needs to back it down a bit and stay healthy. Save it for the outdoors.


3/2/2019 9:36 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/2/2019 9:37 PM

He came back from the first turn pile up in the heat to finish pretty well.