Orthopedic reccomendation in SoCal for ankle

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9/7/2018 8:16 AM

My initial surgeon is not under my ins plan and am considering having someone give my ankle a second look as I am coming up on a year post op. Curious to find out current vs future outlook. Itching to get back on the bike but want to make absolutely sure (as much as possible) that it’ll be in the cards. Throw some out there and I’ll see if I am covered by them.



9/7/2018 8:21 AM


9/7/2018 8:28 AM

Dr. Eric Lee, Orange Orthopedic Medical Group. Former surgeon for US Ski Team. He hooked me up when I did this...



9/7/2018 8:37 AM


9/7/2018 9:53 AM
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Guess I should have made it more clear of what I am looking for. Looking for the guys that put moto dudes back together and understand what we do and how we think. NOT the “dirt bikes are the devil” and the “aren’t you a little old for dirt bikes” dudes. Didn’t want to throw a dart at the “orthopedicspecialist.com” list...


9/7/2018 10:35 AM

Doctor Alexander from the Alpinestars Mobile Medical Unit. He helped me out when I jacked up my knee.

Not sure if he's taking patients but worth a shot.



9/7/2018 10:52 AM

This guy did my shoulder and the results were better than I ever expected. Not sure if he only does upper limbs, but it's worth a shot:


Braaapin' aint easy.

9/7/2018 11:07 AM

Dr Brad Greenbaum is your guy. Has worked with Grant, Baggett, Anderson, Bowers, Craig and many more.


9/7/2018 11:16 AM
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brocster wrote:

Guess I should have made it more clear of what I am looking for. Looking for the guys that put moto dudes back together and ...more

The UCSD Orthopedic offices have posters of motocross racers on their walls, if that means anything. They love motocrossers and off-roaders... steady flow of business for them.


9/7/2018 12:30 PM


Christopher Alexander, done alot of moto guys surgery in Temecula!


9/7/2018 2:27 PM

As a few have said Dr Alexander is great as well as Dr Brad Baum.......i don't believe it is greenbaum(he helped with my femur) both have been customers of mine as well and ride themselves and have patched up alot of pros....offices are covered in jerseys too


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9/7/2018 2:50 PM

UCSD also for me and my 19 year old BMX Racer. Great Doctors!


9/7/2018 4:38 PM

Thanks guys. Dr. Alexander is not in my network and Dr. Greenbaum is closest to me. Going to pay him a visit soon. Thanks again.


9/7/2018 5:31 PM
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Dr Tynan at UC Irvine. When he did my tibia plateau i was kinda freaking out when he showed me the 2cm depression. He looked me in the eye and said, “Dont worry, ill get the plateau as flat as possible”.
His confidence in the surgery meant alot to me.


9/7/2018 5:56 PM
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Dr. Milton Little Cedear Sinai. He’s the guy.. Did a fantastic job on my leg and ankle. PM Me if you need more information. Worth the drive to LA, trust me.


9/7/2018 7:57 PM

Refresh us Brocster or a link to your original problem. I have a wrecked ankle that I will just live with since all I have heard is "fusion" and I don't want to sit out a year.


The older I get, the faster I was.

9/7/2018 8:37 PM

Dec 3 2017 pilon fracture, external fixator for 7 days then 4 plates and about 18 screws. In a cast for 8 weeks then soft boot for 4ish weeks. Hobbling ever since but gets better every day, still. 9 months later. The weird part is some days randomly it doesn’t cooperate. Sore, swollen and no range of motion and not from over use, excercise or therapy. Trying to stay positive but damn this is a mentally exhausting injury and have read that some people tough it out for a year or two trying to get better only to end up with a fusion and wish they did it earlier. Dr released me at 6 months and therapy ended a month or so after so I haven’t seen any medical attention since then and just wonder where I am at with regards to full or near full recovery.


9/7/2018 8:51 PM

My dad just retired outta orange. Him and his partners made of the group of board Certified orthopedics at St Joes off the 55 and 22.

I’ve personally had Dr. Mora, Dr Beck and my dad put me back together after this.

I’d check out Dr. Mora, his focus is on athletic medicine.

9/8/2018 10:16 AM

SoCal is twice as big as most New England states, What city are you close to?


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9/8/2018 10:26 AM

Dr. Zemen in Ventura did an excellent job on my surgeries.


9/8/2018 4:41 PM


I recommend Dr Bulczynski from DISC Sports and Spine near Santa Monica. They do all the Red Bull athletes. I’ve seen pro skaters, snowboarders and Robbie Madison in there. Dr B did my shoulder and it was awesome working with him.


9/10/2018 9:23 AM

If you are in the Springfield area, go to Dr. Nicholas Rivera, that's where I went. He even took my 1994 Civic as form of payment.


9/13/2018 6:51 PM
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Ozy wrote:

SoCal is twice as big as most New England states, What city are you close to?

Fair enough. Avatar states Aliso Viejo, but I am willing to travel a bit for the best. Lets just say Orange County and its bordering counties. Closest “city” would be Irvine if you want to call it that.



9/13/2018 7:23 PM
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Considering your location, I would highly recommend Sea View Orthopaedic. They are based in San Clemente but do surgeries in Laguna Beach. Dr Franklin is a big time moto guy. Dr. Van der Reis is a big time mountain biker. They've worked on a bunch of MX and off-road pros, FMX, etc... I had my clavicle plated by them.