One night in MXGP

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9/2/2017 5:00 PM

I bought the MXGP package for this weekend. Which, if I understand it correctly means I can watch the replays of the races this year. So, anyone that has watched them. Which are the best ones to watch?

I won't have time to watch them all, so your input into the best racing action to watch would be appreciated...


9/2/2017 5:28 PM

Yeah, you've just bought the one USGP. You'll only be able to view that content Beeby.


9/2/2017 5:58 PM

Yeah I also don't think you'll get access to all the archive. You get that when you get the season pass.

In case we're wrong, check out Round 5 - Trentino MXGP moto 2
MX2 was also cool at that race if I remember right


9/2/2017 6:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/2/2017 6:05 PM

I've wondered about this too. I'm a season subscriber, so I can get to anything. Does a one-event subscription give you access to that event only, or does it simply give you temporary access to everything? Both models would make a little sense.

Yeah, Trentino Race 2 is awesome, as are both races at Ottobiano. And the MXGP race in Indonesia is a freak show.


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9/2/2017 7:30 PM

One race gets you only that race that you paid for and some highlights. You get what you pay for. Very impressed with the MXGP-TV package.