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Markus422 Markus422
5/7/2018 7:32 PM

So I know it’s fairly easy to source TM parts for newer models out of Canada but how difficult is it to find parts for old TMs? There’s a 2001 125 in fairly good shape in my area and the guy wants $1500. Seems like a solid deal but I don’t want to get screwed on sourcing parts

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KDXGarage KDXGarage
5/8/2018 2:21 AM

Look on eBay for used parts for any prospective purchase to get an idea on parts availability. Several months ago, I saw a 15 year old Gas Gas on craigslist. I looked on eBay. There were four parts total.

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nytsmaC nytsmaC
5/8/2018 8:52 AM

Should be easy to get parts, email or call the US distributor to verify.

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rosebud441 rosebud441
5/8/2018 9:19 AM

I was thinking one of these when i saw the thread title:

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potatoflake potatoflake
5/8/2018 12:14 PM

I saw an 01 125 for sale recently too. really got me thinking that baby would be sweet at a certain dream race

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1911 1911
5/8/2018 11:30 PM
rosebud441 wrote:

I was thinking one of ...more

I was thinking the same thing. My first bike was a 1975 TM 75. Is that a 1974?

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Markus422 Markus422
5/10/2018 12:24 PM
potatoflake wrote:

I saw an 01 125 for sale ...more

My thoughts exactly.. based on our located maybe we saw the same one!

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potatoflake potatoflake
5/10/2018 1:11 PM
Markus422 wrote:

My thoughts exactly.. ...more

See you in August! Look for the slow guy on the Mazda/1-800-COLLECT yz 250 haha

Wish I had the cash for that tm!

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