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harikishan7 harikishan7
1/22/2019 4:25 PM


I currently own a 2016 FE 450 & a 2018 FE501. I have WP cone valve forks and I am mostly race desert, Best in the Desert and in rallies - Baja, Sonora, Coast to Coast etc..

I am wondering if its a good idea to get the Ohlins TTX shock ( as opposed to the WP traxx shock) to go along with my WP cone valve forks. I ride a lot sand and read that the dropout feature on the WP traxx shock doesnt really help.

So I am thinking of getting the Ohlins instead and would like to know some opinions around this. Also do u recommend any suspension shop for Ohlins ?

Thanks in advance

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langhammx langhammx
1/22/2019 4:39 PM

Get the TRAX shock. You can have your tuner disable the dropout feature.
IMO, it’s a much better shock tgan the Ohlins flow

If you end up going with Ohlins, I’d recommend Coppersmith

But I’d send the trax shock (and forks) to Billy at PowerBand Racing, if I were you. You’ll thank me later

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inthebadboycorner inthebadboycorner
1/22/2019 6:39 PM

I have heard that the Trax drop out feature needs more frequent service intervals and may not be a great shock for the average Joe that may tend to neglect the shock servicing, is this true?

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ob ob
1/23/2019 7:16 AM
langhammx wrote:

Get the TRAX shock. You ...more

It seems like people don't like that new ohlins flow shock? What a bummer because the version before it was really really good. What makes the new one worse?

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