OTB Race Campanion - Houston

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1/13/2018 9:53 AM


OTB returns tonight on Facebook live at 6:55pm CST for round 2 of supercross. Mike called in sick, so Scott Gebken of Innovative MX is joining me in the booth tonight to give his critical analysis as I take over Mike’s duties.

Lots to talk anout headed into tonight’s show, so be sure to like the OTB fb page and turn on notifications, and time in at 6:55pm CST.

If you are having a lapse between broadcast and our audio- pause your TV when the 30 second card is up as that is our sync key- it will be talked about as soon as we see it and your green light to unpause. Next to nobody had this problem, but I just wanted to provide this solution in case your ISP throttles FB Live.

The episodes will be archived and posted on iTunes and Stitcher on Sunday afternoon.

Jeff/Over The Bars

1/13/2018 10:04 AM

I hope Mike gets better soon. He truly is a great pbp man and will be missed tonight. You guys have a great rapport and his race calls are very Eckman like which is a GREAT thing. But the show must go on!

I posted this in the other thread but more applicable here for the current round.

I totally like Ralph and Fro but let's be honest. It's their job to cater to the casual and new fan more than the obsessed SX/MX fan like us Vitards. My favorite way to listen to SX was always Chad Damiani/Jim Holley then Weege/Holley on the much missed Supercross Live audio webcast. I was bummed when that went away since it was for the hardcore fan like me/us. Mike and Jeff do a great job of getting that back. The first broadcast was great and I actually listened to the entire thing again during the work week. Driving all week gives plenty of time for all moto podcasts and the Race Companion i now at the top of the list along with Matthes' stuff.

Mike Garrison is a super strong pbp guy, one of the best, right up there with Weege and Art. And Jeff does a great job on color. If anything I wish they could go even more in-depth. My only critique was a few small things like they didn't know Bogle was out. But, seriously, that is a small gripe.

But for sure, guys. This is gold, either during the actual race or re-listening on the OTB Race Companion podcast.

Highly recommended!!