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10/16/2017 7:01 AM

supercross any more. Yes I get it MEC is not "Supercross", but building tracks like I saw at the MEC is insanity. 60MPH into a rhythm section with ZERO margin for error is downright reckless. I do not understand why this sport is OK with eating its own...other 2 wheel sports work to make things safer and MX and SX does the opposite. We could have lost Roczen and Tomac and Gajser had close calls. This type of insanity finds its way to our local tracks and the inevitable happens. Is our new target market, the kids who drink monster and watch videos of kids maiming themselves from doing stupid tricks on youtube?

Maybe I am a dinosaur but I watch to see RACING.....granted I watched the cut down version on Sunday and did not see Supermini or Amateur all star racing but there was ZERO racing in what I watched.

The reason I watched MEC on Sunday was because I watched MotoGP Saturday night. The entertainment value in the MotoGP race was off the charts, multiple passes on the last lap, so exciting. Not sure what the winning recipe is for exciting racing but biting your bottom lip every time you have to watch riders go through a high speed rhythm section each and every lap is not it.

Stop the insanity and bring RACING back!


10/16/2017 7:10 AM

Look for CBM Racing online and watch the Superminis and the Amateur All Stars. Best races on the night in my opinion.


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10/16/2017 7:19 AM

I also would rather see slower, more technical racing. Would it really kill the sport if for ONE round in 2018 they made a snake of a track that was all about railing berms?


10/16/2017 7:20 AM

I agree, they should have just had a speed jump over an alligator pool or something, it would of had the danger illusion but still, even if they came up short after the straight away they would of had enough speed to just skip out that bitch or something maybe.


10/16/2017 7:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/16/2017 7:21 AM

Whats with these clif hanger titlers can you guys just title stuff normally.

And everyone knows the MEC was garbage, the track designer was apparently fired. I saw a lot of criticism about that particular section on the track.


10/16/2017 8:14 AM

Have we already forgotten the last real Supercross race we saw - the Vegas finale? Best night of racing I can recall.


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10/16/2017 9:38 AM

Well Roczen was not there , Tomac crashed in mud and Gajser crashed because lock of supercross experience.


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10/16/2017 9:42 AM

I guess your not a hardcore sx/mx fan ..


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10/16/2017 9:53 AM

Canadad wrote:

supercross any more. Yes I get it MEC is not "Supercross", but building tracks like I saw at the MEC is insanity. 60MPH into a ...more

Yes, you are a dinosaur. Go watch some MotoGP and quit bitching about SX.