No Barcia outrage?

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7/23/2018 11:55 AM

am I the only one who thinks that if you are passed around the outside, then you clearly doing something 'wrong' and you better check up a bit because obviously you already going much slower than the guy that just blasted by you?!


7/23/2018 12:10 PM

I thought it was great to see Bogle come right back at him.


7/23/2018 4:19 PM

I'm so mad, I think I'll drink a beer.


7/23/2018 5:17 PM

EnvyMedia wrote:

I was wondering the same. If this was Musquin there would've been a 10 pager already.


interesting that nicolette also starts on left side of track and ends on the right side


7/23/2018 6:58 PM

Crush wrote:

I guess no one cares if you cross jump unless you’re a crafty Frenchman?

Bogie cared. Dick move too. Kid never learns...

That was nothing... seriously!


7/24/2018 9:32 AM

make1go wrote:

he posted it sarcastically to show the obvious and vast xenophobia on this board..

i used to like americans till i joined ...more

We don`t like you either. This ia American forum. GTFO if you don't like it.