Newer 18’+ Yamaha 450 rear sag 90-100mm

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8/26/2019 11:38 AM

Wait, are people really running 90-100 rider sag on this bikes, I’m new to Yamaha so I’m used to 102-106 on a KTM product.


8/26/2019 11:52 AM

It depends. Find your sweet spot based on your weight, experience, etc. You want the bike balanced. Start with a hundred and go from there. The new generation Yamaha turns really well, so you don't need to go less than like 100. You'll figure it out. Once you get the sag right and the clickers right you'll be amazed with the suspension.


8/26/2019 11:54 AM

Since I helped you, could you return the favor and change your avatar?


8/26/2019 11:55 AM

I ran 106.


8/26/2019 12:25 PM

In Shootout we’ve ran 99-103mm range with great results. And by contrast, I ran 106mm on the CRF and Kawi. Yamaha has done a lot of work on the YZF seat and subframe design for it not to feel that tall with running those sag numbers.