New sponsor and rider for CTR Motorsports

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3/7/2019 4:51 PM

We got this note from the CTR (Club/Traders/Redemption) Motorsports...

Week five holds major changes and announcements from CTR Motorsports. CTR bikes will be sporting a new look this week as we have Z-Max in as our title sponsor. In other news, CTR will be experiencing a few changes in the lineup for Daytona Supercross. We feel that the addition of Bradley Taft to our team for the remainder of the 2019 East Coast Supercross series is exactly what we need to have our bikes up front. Bradley will be filling in for the injured Jayce Pennington and already is looking comfortable aboard the Yamaha during testing this week at ClubMX.

Bradley Taft -
"I got a call from the guys at CTR on Tuesday. They were needing someone to come out and finish out East coast for them. I was unsure at first just because it’s been a while since I’ve ridden. I decided the team had good equipment and I had nothing to lose. I was on a plane the next day. I've had two days on the bike and am very excited to go racing this weekend. I just want to thank the whole team for giving me this opportunity and believing in me.”

Taft, with his prior Supercross experience, should make for a great addition to the team and another CTR bike in the main events. Unfortunately, Joey Crown suffered an ankle injury, resulting in the need for another rider, so we also added Justin Thompson. Thompson, a rider out of South Africa who has also been training at ClubMX, is in his rookie season of Supercross and was able to qualify at Detroit. He shows promise and we have no doubts in his capabilities of making further night shows and main events."

Justin Thompson-
“I got a call from Skip on Wednesday morning asking if I wanted to ride for them for the next two rounds. I was riding a bike with a similar setup, so I said yes. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and excited to go racing this weekend with the team.”

CTR Motorsports would like to thank all of our sponsors for making this season happen, we look forward to getting the rest of the season underway!