New Ktm 250SXF FACTORY EDITION: Will it come out this yr?

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1/22/2018 2:29 PM

Since the 450 is now launched, will we see a new 250FE? Would we have known it was for sure coming or not by now? I don't want to buy the current 17fe/18standard this year and have a totally new bike come out in fall. I'm getting back into it after wrist injuries so if there isn't a totally new 250f available in 30-90days ill just buy a used bike and wait for the new one.



1/22/2018 2:34 PM

Asked my KTM dealer this weekend if there would be an 18.5 FE, and he said no.


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1/22/2018 3:22 PM

The 2019 250 will be new but there won’t b a 18 FE 250.


1/22/2018 3:56 PM

Answer to the original question: no


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1/22/2018 4:10 PM

thanks. ill hold out then.