NBC coverage needs to be better

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2/18/2019 7:44 AM

The NBC coverage has been sub par imo to say the least. my biggest complaints is they don't show lap times in the running order anymore. so annoying when RC is like im looking at the lap times and yada yada yada, just show them to us for fucks sake. FS1 was great about showing fastest lap and last lap time. NBC even actually shows it during outdoors, not sure why they don't in SX.

and the camera angles are too tight. When seely was leading heat #2 Eli was very close behind but the shot is so tight you would never know. this has happened many other times then just this one incident.

I also hate how they show most of the starts. The shot down the line is crap for showing who's getting a good jump, bring back the birds eye view from above the first corner.