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1/25/2020 5:47 PM

Can multiple people be watching on an account same time?

Also if anyone has one ill Venmo some for this race only haha!


1/25/2020 5:56 PM

Ill do the same lol, starting to regret not getting Gold this year but i have cable and was tryna save a little xD


1/25/2020 5:57 PM

Yeah. I have a couple buddies using my account as we speak


"Shifting gears and passing queers" GL

1/25/2020 5:59 PM

Yes you can have multiple. I think like 6 at a time maybe.


1/25/2020 8:28 PM

You guys are ridiculous.


1/25/2020 8:50 PM

Stupid poor piece of crap!!! - in Eric Cartman voice