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7/3/2017 5:46 PM

I've been going to Buchanan MI for the races since the mid seventies. I have seen nearly every pro moto that has been run save a few. In my humble opinion if this wasn't the best day ever at the legendary facility you can point me back at the day that was. The track was prepped beautifully, close to perfection are the words that come to mind. The vibe, the crowd, there was a definite buzz in the air. The crowd yelling REDDDDDDDDDDD BUDDDDDDDDDDD! ! ! ! ! ! ! all day long. The racing was just flat out intense. The track while some would bemoan that it wasn't a mistake forcing maze of slots was a free flowing horsepower sucking masterpiece. All of the riders raced their hearts out all day long and it looks like Eli Tomac is exactly who we thought he was. Zach Osborne is looking like a champ in the making and at the halfway point in the year everybody else has been put on notice.

GuyB it was my pleasure to chat with you for a few in practice.

Did anyone see Forkner get his feet swept off the pegs at the bottom of the leap in the 2nd 250a qualifier? He left it pinned with his feet dangling behind him and hucked it anyway!



7/3/2017 5:58 PM

cool Right on! I only got to watch it from my couch but it was still pretty dang good!