My 2017 Alta Redshift - Winter Night Motocross...

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11/22/2017 6:08 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/22/2017 6:10 AM

Last night was the first time my riding buddy and I were able to get out for some winter night motocross. The temperature was around 45 degrees - no need for Trelleborg winter tires yet, but they are ready to be mounted at the first sight of the white loam.

I have an HID light front number plate, and for power, I use a sweet redneck-engineered Lithium battery operated flashlight with some simple modifications, held on with a bungee cord to the bike. I also use a Cyclops light mounted on my helmet, and together they actually works pretty well - I feel like I could stare at something and it would catch fire because they are so bright.

Before the bungee cord to hold it in place

The guy taking the picture hates it when you look right at him.

There is a plug not used for anything behind my Alta numberplate (used for the Enduro model?), and I need to look into if it could be used to power my HID light.

I switched back to my well-used stock yellow plastic, because winter riding is tough on a dirtbike and I want to save the white plastic for next season.

The bikes between motos

Silent Night. Holy Night...


11/22/2017 8:19 AM

Night riding is a blast. I put one of these on my helmet and one on my bike (2014 YZ250F at the time) for a 24 hour race in NY. They actually worked very good. Battery is pretty small and lasted plenty long. About 3 hours.