My 2017 Alta Redshift MX - Frozen Ocean MX!

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5/15/2018 7:41 AM

So I raced for my second time this season at Frozen Ocean MX Park, near Moravia, NY. 440 other riders decided to join me on a gorgeous race day. Last week, I did 2 classes, and I was feeling it on Monday, and Tuesday, and finally started to feel close to normal on Wednesday...

So, what do I do this past Sunday? I sign up for 3 classes; +25B, +30B, and +50. Doing the math, I race six 12 minute motos, or 72 minutes of racing. Those wimpy pro riders only do two 30 minute motos, or about 68 minutes of racing. And yep, I am feeling it today, Tuesday, two days after. Hat's off to my two good friends, coffee and Advil, for making some off the pain go away...

So, here is how my day went:

Practice: Vets were the first practice out. I actually thought something was wrong with the Alta, but it was just the dirt conditions. It was soft and deep, and whenever you let off of the throttle, it felt like someone grabbed your front brake and you almost went over the bars. I realized that practice was kind of a waste of time, because the track was going to be way different by the time my motos rolled around.

+25B was my first moto of the day, with a 20 riders. I spun off the concrete start, got crooked, and then by the time I got going I was at the back of the pack. I worked my way up a few spots and got 14th. I told myself, self, you gotta be careful with map 4 on concrete. Don't wick the throttle until you are completely off of the concrete starting pad.

+30B was my next moto. I got a little better start, and was running mid-pack. I passed a few guys, and got passed by a few guys, and I finished 8th, but I liked the passes I made, and I felt that I rode OK.

+50 was next. I spun off the gate again, and was running around mid-pack. I passed a couple riders, and then I was in 5th. We were charging down a straightaway and 1st and 2nd place came together and took each other out! Thanks guys! Now I am in 3rd. I passed the 2nd place guy by being faster in the corners (thank you ,Alta!) and then did the same to the guy in 1st. I passed him by going in harder and coming out faster. First place, baby! And then I promptly dropped anchor! I haven't led a moto in a while, and all of a sudden I have to choose my own lines, braking points, etc. I rode a lot faster when I had someone in front of me, showing me where, or not where, to go. I was able to hold on to 1st place though, my first motocross win on my Alta. I was psyched!

They groomed the track during intermission (which I disapprove of), and then the next rounds of motos started.

I got a good start in +25B! Finally! I was running top-5, feeling good ... and then I get cross-rutted in a corner and topple over. Long sigh. By the time I got up, clumps of riders got by me, and I just rode around to finish the moto. I went 14-14 for 16th overall, out of 20 riders. Moto math, which usually works in my favor, hurt me in this class.

+30B was my 5th moto of the day. I got a mid-pack start (I still haven't figured out this concrete start pad thing), and I battled almost the whole moto with a guy that was out-jumping me, but I would crush him in the corners. After I got him for good, I charged, and got two other riders right at the checkered flag. I think both of them were sucking wind, and they didn't hear me coming up on my Alta! Gotta listen for the zzzzzzzing, guys!

My 6th and last moto of the day was +50. I was tired, but I had a job to do. It was a very chaotic moto. The track was really rutted up - going into a corner, you chose a rut early, and hoped it is a wise one, because you were in the rut for a while. I got another great mid-pack start, and then someone stalled, creating a road block in a corner. Nobody could go, because we were all in our own deep ruts, screaming at each other. After what seemed like an eternity (it was probably 5 seconds) I lifted my bike out of the rut I was in, and got going. I found myself in 4th place. I quickly passed the guy in 3rd place, a friend of mine that I said hi to in a corner as I cut underneath him. You can do that on an Alta because they are so quiet. I think I said "Hey, Jim! 'Sup?! Excuse me, but you shouldn't have left the door open here, because I am going to pass you. Thanks. Bye". For those of you that are still with me, I am now in 3rd place after this pass. The 2nd place guy is all over the track, blowing through ruts, and taking lines that didn't make sense. I passed him, and started looking for 1st place. I saw him ahead of me, and I started to reel him in. And then I started to get tired, and I started to do moto-math in my head. I knew if I went 2-1 I would get the overall, because the guy in 1st place got 6th the first moto. So, I decided to let the guy have his moto win, and I would thank him in my podium speech. I backed it down a bit, rode smooth, and cruised to 2nd place, going 1-2 for 1st overall, out of 13 riders.

The Alta ran great all day, but it needs new tires, and I will be replacing the chain slider soon, as it is pretty worn because I ride the snot out of this thing. I had no problem keeping the battery charged for a practice and 6 motos. I just need to work on keeping myself charged.

I am taking next weekend off, but I will be back at it the Sunday afterwards. Stay tuned.

Electricity is really just organized lightning

Nice touch in the bathrooms!

31 novices or so. Lot of 16 year old kids hyped up on Monster trying to impress their girlfriend/parents - yikes!

View from the scoring tower


5/15/2018 7:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/15/2018 7:49 AM

When you come off the track did you immediately put it back on the charger ?

How quick was it chargin. After your last moto how many bars did you have ?


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5/15/2018 8:10 AM

After each moto I would put the bike on the charger after I cooled down a bit and took off some gear, and after I pressure-washed the bike if needed. I would use about a third of my battery for each 12 minute moto. I would have it on the charger for about 30-45 minutes between my motos, which were all spaced out enough to give me ample time between them - I was moto 3, 9, and 16, out of 20 motos.


5/15/2018 8:13 AM

Say you got hammer with a couple back to backs...could that affect you? Or do you think you could go the local distance....

Thanks for the updates too. You’re answering so many questions I’ve had. Always was scared about signing up for more than 1 class in race day if I were to buy an Alta...


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5/15/2018 8:36 AM

I could have actually done 4 classes at Frozen Ocean, with my 4th being +40B, which was the last moto of the day. The spacing was there, but that would have been too much for me.

I do think I could do two motos back to back on the Alta without a recharge though. Not sure how I would fare in that second moto though, with my tongue getting caught up in my spokes... smile


5/15/2018 9:18 AM

Good ride report. Seem these electric dirt scooters are the real deal. I want one!

Got to ride at Frozen Ocean last July 5th, and I had a blast. Pretty fun track and the locals were friendly. I will be back up there this July as well, but not sure if the track will be open for practice or not since it’s usually on a Wednesday, and that is the 4th.


5/15/2018 9:56 AM

Nice report!