Musquin Says No To Des Nations

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8/7/2017 9:08 AM

Yep wrote:

Doubtful he would have made the French team.

Park Boys wrote:

Which French riders are more successful per GP results, I.E. wins/Titles. Last time I checked he won 2 world titles in a row ...more

F.B wrote:

Last time I checked, Febvre had a MX1 World title and 11 MX1 wins..

I know the stats, neither one is as succseful as per wins or titles and then you factor in MM did it in two years and won his first couple races in 09 on a privateer Honda. Yes Febvre won the 450 title vs two 250 titles but all things considered Musquin has been the best French rider the whole time IMO.


8/7/2017 9:21 AM

Will Marv be at USGP?