Motocross trainer in SoCal

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3/6/2018 11:06 PM

Hi my name is Billy Ottervanger and I was a 450 B rider, training to ride pro motocross and supercross. Just a little background on me. I’ve been riding for 11 years, if not more. I grew up training with Ronnie Tishner and racing Adam Cincerulo in Florida. In Texas I trained with Beu Boyton. I moved to South Carolina to train at Club MX with Shane Mclerath, Garret Marchbanks, Phil Nicoletti. I then moved to North Carolina and trained at JWTF with Jimmy Weinheart. I have multiple district titles in Texas, have 100s upon 100s of races under my belt and I used to train kids back at my local tracks in Texas. Sadly while I was training at Cauhilli MX I had a really bad crash due to a chain snapping when it shouldn’t have, since it was just replaced. It was completely unexpected. I fractured my elbow, herniated a disc, that pinched my ciacti nerve. I had to have back surgery t remove most of the disc. From my herniated disc, I now have permanent nerve damage. Sadly the surgery was unsuccessful. The pain has kept me from riding, but it won’t stop me from having fun and helping others try to reach their dreams in motocross. I’m not in it for the money, I really just want to help others out and find a way to stay in the sport. I’m willing to work with all ages, girl or boy.

Contact me for more info if you’d be interested!


Have a wonderful day!


3/7/2018 5:02 AM

Best wishes bud!