Motocross tracking app for android

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12/25/2020 10:44 AM

Hey guys, so my wife got me a polar vantage m for Christmas so I could do stuff like track my lap times from my watch using apps like litpro. Only problem, litpro only works with Apple and I have a galaxy.
Does anyone know of any apps that will work with this watch to track lap times and are similar to litpro?
Let me know, and thanks for the help.


12/26/2020 8:57 AM

So, little update for anyone who's looking for the same answers I am.

For the polar watch, it is best to just use the watch and the sport profile of mountain biking to track it. There is a whole thread where a guy who works for Polar, named Wayne, answers a lot of the questions I had.,20/Polar-HRM,1315889?page=1

I also messaged the people at litpro and apparently they will have a version for android in about a year.


Sorry if these things are already common knowledge. It took me a while to find this info and I just want to try to save someone else the hassle of it.