Motocross of European Nations????

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9/21/2018 6:36 AM

Received this email from MXGP-TV today and have never heard of there being a only European MXoN race before.


Hello MXGP-TV member,

Log on to now and watch the 26 Min Behind the Gate special feature from the Motocross of European Nations in Poland!

The 2018 Motocross of European Nations returned to Gdansk, Poland this year and the 26 Minute Behind the Gate feature from the event is online and available to watch now.

Many of Europe’s best riders represented their nations in teams for a battle of national pride. This year Team Italy took the win in impressive fashion in both the men’s and women’s racing!

Check out all the action with an inside look at the entire event from racing to practice and everything in between in the new upload by clicking HERE

Don’t forget this Behind the Gate feature is also one of the few that can be viewed on YouTube for free so be sure to share with friends and family or even on social media! Click HERE and Follow MXGP-TV Youtube Page!

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The MXGP-TV team


9/21/2018 7:01 AM

As you can see, yes there is wink
But it is mainly focussed on the young talents, as these classes are present: EMX125 - EMX250 - EMX85 and also the WMX.


9/21/2018 7:04 AM

First year they did it was last year I believe.


9/21/2018 7:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/21/2018 7:12 AM

DoubleA wrote:

First year they did it was last year I believe.

its been around for longer for sure ... hard to find some info , but found some info about MXOEN 2009


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9/21/2018 7:16 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/21/2018 7:29 AM

It's been around for many years.

It 'sort of' took the place of the Coupe Des Nations - the 125 teams race from decades ( mid / late 70s) ago.

It then morphed into the Coupe D L'Avenir ( I'm pretty bloody certain I got that name and spelling wrong w00t ) which may still be used / run, or is entirely replaced by the MXoEN name.