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10/29/2018 2:00 PM

I am thinking of selling a MYLaps Timing and Scoring system with Transponders. If anyone is interested or knows of a club looking to get into a system, this would be a great opportunity. I have worked with the MYLaps (formerly AMB-it) Transponders for almost 20 years. I have used both the Orbits and Trackside software with the System. I have timed and scored hundreds of different types of racing (MX, SX, Karts, Trucks, Skijoring, Cars). I have timed/Scored MX races of up to 500 entries using less than 100 transponders. I would be happy to answer questions regarding the systems, there operation, Transponders.
I have provided training to many Club operators over the years and that could certainly be part of the Deal.


10/29/2018 3:36 PM

I'm interested in doing some races requiring a timing system. I was leaning toward an RFID system due to cost and complexity. Can you expand on that for me (us)?


10/29/2018 8:33 PM

Selling someone on a system is a lengthy conversation. There are a number of things to consider. I would gladly get on the phone with you if you wish. Some things to consider for either system are: type of races (short lap times vs longer times). Location of sign ups and Finish line, number of computers, networking ability, power backup systems, Scoring requirements. Loretta Lynn races require Trackside results. Is there personnel knowledgeable enough to run system on computers.
Reliability is the big issue. If your system can not detect bikes consistently without interference and false detections, your whole race day will go to hell in a hurry! The Mylaps system with a properly installed detection loop is extremely reliable. I have not run a race with RFID, I know of some cross country races that have used them, but the measures used at the finish line would not work for motocross.


10/30/2018 9:31 AM

Johnny Depp wrote:

I'm interested in doing some races requiring a timing system. I was leaning toward an RFID system due to cost and complexity. ...more

The RFID software was a headache to work with and the scoring was inconsistent. I haven't used the software in about 4 years so maybe it's gotten better, but it was way more work and complex than it should have been. If riders put the tag on anything metal or with a reflective coating (bar pads, metalflake in helmets, chrome visors) it won't pick it up properly. The cost of transponders has come down quite a bit lately so go with that system and save yourself a headache and money because you will end up with Mylaps anyway.


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10/30/2018 3:12 PM

I'd be interested to know how you score 500 entries with 100 transponders. How much are you asking for the hardware.?


10/30/2018 4:16 PM

The Orbits Software allows transponders to be assigned per each run(moto). So for an event each bike is required to have a transponder holder on the front fork behind the number plate. These cost approx. $8, I charge $10.(one time purchase stays with the bike). Transponders are given to each rider at staging before their moto. when exiting the track after their race they have to remove the transponder before returning to the pits. Example: if the next three motos have 20 riders each it would be nice to have 60 transponders. by the time the fourth moto starts, the first twenty transponders are back the starting line. and this repeats for as many motos as you like. If you rent transponders you can make multiple rental fees off one transponder. I can charge $5 rental and if a transponder is used for 8 motos it generates $20 for the day. That is the basic just of it. The Club I am in has a system and they only have 50 transponders. we ran a Thursday night series pulling approx. 150-200 entries and it ran fine. Keep in mind some riders have there own transponder.

The cost of the system would depend on the number of transponders that I sold with the decoder. I will do some checking and Post back to you. When thinking about an Electronic Timing System, be sure to calculate cost of Computers, Printer, network items, battery backup and generator if needed into your estimating. I always use minimum 2 computers when running a race.


10/30/2018 4:39 PM

I've only raced a couple of times with a transponder but it was so much better than having to wait til the last race of the day to get your results (unless you podium...then they still make you wait around to get that priceless plastic). Plus, I know for a fact it cuts down on "mistakes".


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10/30/2018 4:53 PM

having purchased a couple of sets of the AMB/mylaps systems and run them over a long period of time they are awesome,

about 6 clubs in NZ have sets now, and they share transponders, there are also 4 businesses that run the system here and hire themselves out for the lap scoring,

awesome system, and very well made scoring programme that can handle everything, incl live results broadcast,


5/22/2019 10:43 PM

I have been running MotoTally software with Alien F800's which can handle 4 Antennas. While you need to have antennas overhead and transponders on the helmet of the rider it does work not bad.
RFID is RFID, and you can use ANY software system available with it.
it is possible to use horizontal scanners not vertical.

As with any scoring you HAVE to have people writing backups for the event. Even if readers are doing over 1,000 Scans Per Second. Not to mention you can have Multiple tags on anyone rider/bike that are associated with the rider. They Cost only $5 and last over 2-3 years. Tags are bought and gone away. No worrying of breaking, losing, charging, etc. No loaner tags being messed up or missing.

Not to mention no ground cable that will ever be messed up from being trenched up or with the track machines working the finish line.

We have developed our own systems to have Wireless networks on site that anyone can connect to with their phone that has live scoring results from current moto going as well as previous races from year and day. Complete with advertising and event info.

MYLAPS does have a nice database system however their fees are ridiculous and proprietary hardware and software is just ridiculous for the many racers who just want to see their lap times and nothing more.


5/23/2019 4:29 AM
Edited Date/Time: 5/23/2019 4:31 AM

EnduroPromotions wrote:

I have been running MotoTally software with Alien F800's which can handle 4 Antennas. While you need to have antennas overhead ...more

I wish more track would use a system like this. You should go to and post there, so the tracks that post there can correspond with you on how your system is working out for you.


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