Moto injury downtime

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10/18/2017 9:50 AM

Forgive me for the cheap plug but as some of you know my boy Lane went out with his first knee injury at the Regional two years ago. This past year, he took out the other knee and has been off the bike for 11 months. He has just started to ride again but in the meantime, he has been working on his music. He writes the music, lyrics and produces it all himself. Personally I hope one day he can work his way into producing music for others as a career.

Last week he released his latest song to iTunes and Amazon music and you can hear it free on Pandora and Spotify. This is his first release to the public. It's not my type of music but .. he likes it so its ok.

This is what he has been doing during his off bike injury time. What do most of you do with your time? When I rode, I personally laid around getting fat.. I would have liked to have had another hobby.. smile

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