Moto/Off-Road Photographer needs our help

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3/31/2022 10:15 AM

Mark “Kato” Kariya (@kato.foto) needs the help of our moto/off-road community. Yesterday was a tough one for him after having a cardiac event while doing what we all love to do: Riding our bikes. Please spread the word and help if you can. He's the one always at the races and making us look good, so let's help him out!


3/31/2022 11:56 AM

Donated. Good luck to him.


3/31/2022 5:01 PM

Donated - Mark is an awesome human and an American Patriot


Germany 1975 250 CZ Centerport, laydown shocks, mikuni with reed valve, Marzocchi forks with me as the motopilot

3/31/2022 5:16 PM

Thanks guys please help if you can. Mark is an awesome guy and any help is great help!


3/31/2022 8:01 PM

Donated. Don't know him but always help the moto fam where I can!


4/1/2022 1:56 AM

Done. Positive thoughts sent for a quick recovery 👍


4/3/2022 8:16 PM


4/3/2022 8:19 PM


4/9/2022 11:38 AM

Bummer, but absolutely something people come back from. Glad to donate to a fellow moto brother! Best wishes from the HD!


4/28/2022 10:08 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/29/2022 4:58 PM

Mark sent a thank you for donating:

"My sisters and I are absolutely astounded, eminently humbled and eternally grateful for the generosity each of you has demonstrated in contributing to my GoFundMe. I'm well aware that these are trying economic times, and I greatly appreciate each contribution no matter the size.

That so many of you so thoughtfully gave is not only heartwarming but encouraging and strengthens my resolve to recover from what EMTs first termed "a significant cardiac episode" but doctors later clarified by classifying it as a massive heart attack with 100-percent blockage of one artery. With none of the classic signs of or precursor warnings, I erroneously thought I was undergoing a more intense case of heat exhaustion. Obviously, I'm not a doctor!

However, in the three weeks since my discharge on 7 APR 22, I've seen significant gains and believe that I'm recovering well.

In closing, I want to thank Mike and Nic Garvin for proposing the idea of starting this GoFundMe in the first place. It's generated much, much more than I ever thought possible and, again, that's entirely due to the generosity each and every one of you showed so selflessly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to getting back out to the tracks and trails, cameras and voice recorder at the ready."