Monster Mountain For Sale!! $950,000

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8/20/2017 8:38 AM


Are you a "player" in the motocross industry? No. Buy Monster Mountain and you will be! Already a "player"? Be more player-er. Be very "player-like"!

For the mere pittance of $950,000 you can own one of the most popular motocross tracks and facilities on the planet!

SERIOUSLY. When we bought Monster Mountain from the awesome Anderson family in 2010, we embarked on a mission to help Monster Mountain live up to its fullest potential. From 200 racing entries a year to over 2800 in 2015, the cover of Motocross Action Magazine (thanks John Basher and Daryl Ecklund!), the rebirth of the Top Kid Showcase, AMA Amateur National Qualifiers, and two ATV Pro Nationals, the place many people call "motocross heaven" has been a huge blessing.

Monster Mountain was the home to the 2014 YZ250F and 2017 Honda CRF450R media intros, and countless other incredible events.

We've made so many life-long friends, and seen some of the all-time greats rip Monster Mountain. What a blast.

But after the passing of my beloved wife Brenda, and my son Tommy's decision to follow Daddy's footsteps and serve his country in the US Air Force what was a family business became me. Monster Mountain's incredible crew has stood by me, and I've been surrounded and blessed by the motocross family from literally all over the world. But my "day job" has grown to the point where it's time to pass the torch to new owners.

The track and facility is for sale for $950,000. No owner financing, so please don't ask. The price includes 200 acres, the main outdoor national caliber track (which DC recently mentioned during an interview as a potential site for a future MXGP), our wildly popular Vintage/GP track, two turn tracks, a Pee Wee track, 40 x 100" steel building with 1600sf apartment, gym, and shop, a motorcycle shop with retail area, 5 miles of killer trails, 40' x 60' concession stand and bath house, plus much more. The sale also includes a 2004 John Deere 550H bulldozer, International 2000 gallon water truck, MX125 Kubota air conditioned tractor with 16' Kuhn Power Harrow, Kubota M7040 tractor with front-end loader, and my ragged out Polaris RZR, lol.

If you're seriously interested, text me at 334-318-8475 or email me at

It's rare that I can answer the phone, because I'm either on a plane or with a client, so please text or email.


8/20/2017 8:51 AM

Say it ain't so Tom! Always appreciated your amazing hospitality when I was there for the YZF and CRF intros, let alone the hard work you put in for us all. Hope you get top dollar and the new owners keep things rolling smoothly, such an awesome facility.


8/20/2017 9:15 AM

ML512 wrote:

Say it ain't so Tom! Always appreciated your amazing hospitality when I was there for the YZF and CRF intros, let alone the ...more

Thanks brother! We've made so many friends and great memories. Thanks for being part of the magic!


8/20/2017 10:40 AM

Gawd dang it! That is one track out of a few on planet earth that I always wanted to ride. I seriously how that whomever buys this place keeps it going. I personally always thought it would of been a great addition to the National series. Good luck with the sale Tom , but said to hear you guys are selling it.


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8/20/2017 10:51 AM

Tom at Monster wrote: Photo

Are you a "player" in the motocross industry? No. Buy Monster Mountain and you will be! Already a "player"? Be more ...more

That first paragraph is pure gold. Good luck!


8/20/2017 11:27 AM

Cheers to one of the best tracks around the south. I hope the new owners are able to keep it going strong. I would of expected the price for this to be much more tho, what a great deal for a great place. Don't see this being on the market long, I just hope the right folks ends up with it.


8/20/2017 5:34 PM

What an awesome place. The MX community is losing a very special ambassador in this sport. Tom always takes time to help or talk with anyone big or small in this sport. It was ALWAYS mine and Travis' favorite track to ride or race and Tom made it the place it is today.

Tom... Although myself and Travis have stepped away from the sport we will always remember the hospitality you showed us and the personnel service we got. Whether i needed help with my camper getting the slide to close when it was stuck (he took almost 2 hours helping us after one of the races), always letting us reserve one of the RV hookups on top of the hill, shooting the breeze about Air Force or moto stuff or personally calling me and offering to help Travis with southern hard core series sponsorship. Class act all the way!

Good luck with the sale Tom, the new owners will have some huge shoes to fill.... Not sure it can be done.....

Steve, Desiree, Travis McIver


8/20/2017 6:16 PM

I didnt see an address any where what state is it in ?


8/20/2017 6:27 PM
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Paging Midwest_Mafia,

Paging Midwest_Mafia,

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8/20/2017 6:27 PM

Tarz483 wrote:

I didnt see an address any where what state is it in ?

Everyone who knows what there is to know already knows what everyone else knows.



8/20/2017 6:39 PM

Tarz483 wrote:

I didnt see an address any where what state is it in ?

The track is approx 45 min from downtown Montgomery Alabama. Easy to find....


8/20/2017 6:42 PM

If only I had the money. My wife and I have been looking for a reason to move home.


8/20/2017 6:47 PM

Wow, that seems like a good price considering the included equipment.


8/20/2017 8:05 PM

Wish I had the finances, I would love to come home.sad

I have great memories of racing in the Montgomery area in the 70's. Riverside, Garrett Coliseum, Indian Springs (both of them), Blue Ribbon (Wares Ferry), Slapout and every other track from Opp all the way up to Huntsville and over to Phenix City. My Dad wore out Hwy 331 from Florala to Montgomery taking me to races.

Good luck with the sale, I still hope to get over one day for a ride.


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8/20/2017 8:27 PM
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Wish I could pull this off.

Back when the Andersons owned this place, me and my friend justin had the gate keys and would absolutely rip it up after hours.

At the time I was a fast Mid pack B rider but when I came time to run at Monster, I was beating guys that would normally wax me.

It was just all the laps spun there. Knew that track like the back of my hand.

Andy Anderson was a cool cat. But he was a little too laid back I think.


9/7/2017 6:44 AM

I have stepped away from racing for a couple of years now as I was finishing college, starting a career and a family, but my wife and I have raced and rode at Monster a lot since Tom took over and it is by far our favorite track to ride. I personally have only rode most of the tracks in the Southeast but my wife who used to race Lorretta's every year has raced all over. Every time we tell others about our favorite track it is always Monster and we always tell people how amazing you prep and maintain the track. Tom you will truly be missed and as were getting back into riding and the kids will be getting into it in a couple of years we really hope the new owners whoever they may be are half as good at running a track than you are! Thank you for putting everything you had into the track and making every trip there a memory that will last a lifetime!