Mitchell Oldenburg torn ACL/MCL

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4/23/2018 9:20 PM


4/24/2018 1:58 AM

Well, damn. That really sucks. I hope he gets better and heals up quickly.


4/24/2018 2:38 AM

Oh that sucks, the season is probably done for Oldenburg...

But he has been really fast every time that he has been on the bike. I'm sure that he will have a good ride next year!


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4/24/2018 2:44 AM

That sucks for sure. Freckle has been injured a lot that's for sure. Wish he could put in a full season injury free.
He's got good speed and can run top 5 indoors or out, so a healthy season will show where he can finish points wise.
I've suffered a PCL & MCL injury and chose the cadaver ligaments, but the rehab is a bitch.


4/24/2018 1:02 PM

So what are the chances of Wharton riding this summer for Yamaha ??


4/24/2018 1:03 PM

Booo sad