Millenium Technologies M-Spec YZ 134 Build?

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11/2/2020 7:39 PM

Any good feedback on this build package they offer. pros and cons of going 134 vs 144? looking to add a little pep in my 125s step. Any reliability issues?


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11/2/2020 7:57 PM

Lots of people say that the 134 will rev more like a 125 and the 144s are all bottom. It you have a good tuner, the 144 will rev really well.

On the flip side, if you have a non 2004+ suzuki Japanese 125, maybe stick to the 134 since the exhaust Bridge can wear the piston. Plus, you might get away without grinding the cases.


11/5/2020 11:38 AM

Can comment on the 134/144 but just had a CR144 done by Millenium with their M-spec kit for a friend. I am extremely picky and it was a very nice job. Initial ride it runs really strong but need more time on it for tuning..........


11/5/2020 12:47 PM

Think they do a 167 too. That would be something.


11/5/2020 2:31 PM

i had them do an RM 144 the work was beautiful and the thing ran great


11/5/2020 3:38 PM

I did the RPM Rick Peterson YZ167 kit back in 1996 and it was flat out awesome and fun to ride. I had zero issues and FMF made a pipe especially for that mod and it ripped on the bottom and kept pulling all the way through to the top, no shortage of RPM on it. cool


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